The Purification Crusade


What new card???


How did one change font size


How do one change the font size?


The South Korean government just passed a law that financially supports female prostitutes with about 20,000 USD every month. That number far exceeds the monthly income many people who works legal jobs and lives a honest lives. Meanwhile, the support given to the families of soldiers who have passed away in the military is less than 0.089 USD a month. I am not making this up. Why the fuck was I born in this fucking country? I want to kill myself.


I’m really bored, I am without my phone charger for awgile and youtube doesn’t want to work so can someone please download tmodloader so I can play modded multiplayer Terraria?


Shadowverse crashes everytime I try to start it up.




@halcyon98 @alexx55 How do I et the needed dust for 9 legendaries, dust all other factions?


depends on what legends you have and what you want to play, mind sharing your leggo collection
Edit: Im currently online if you want to get free 100 gold


I will send it in a moment, my game has to update.


I bring a much important lesson for all of you.


try it in hex 15 xharacters


what about male tho


Only female. I’m not suprised if the male demographic was ignored entirely, because that’s just what the Korean government do. Either way, neither should be supported.


I only play Blood, so I never run out of dust.


Nyeah, and then there is me, who is attampting to keep a decent collection in 6-7 classes (i dont play sword or haven and blood is real low priority


Both cases only trash players do that cause Bonechill is a garbage oppening and should only be used in combination with Elemental and in some Vespyr lists to build up to end game plays.


hey guys, remember that azure khanum kha otk deck? I can’t find it in the forums


Did it update for you yet?


@alexx55 and @halcyon98


Here is that amazing deck with 0 mana Nosh-Raks :stuck_out_tongue: