The Purification Crusade


@terrarius That demographic are hentai-loving otakus. I mean, the art is pretty well-drawn, it’s just not for the public eye if you know what I mean. Unless you’re me who has no shame.




do you guys find SV’s aesthetic super generic? and I dont mean “its anime”, but this particular style of anime


If you like the artists for Final Fantasy well have I got news for you.


The artwork itself is generic, but I found it refreshing to see the classic JRPG aesthetic being applied to a card game.


hey, dont put my main man Amano with the rest of 'em!
I actually kinda hate SV’s style.


Cyagents are such a succesful and amazing company but why did they decide on horse girls for their first full series anime.


I just like to give it credit for how polished it is. The UI is pretty intuitive and card animations are on-point. My only gripe regarding polish is artwork inconsistency, but I eventually learned to stop caring.


I like metas with many different decks of equal strengh…not t0
Also want to have tons of deph

I don,t care about the art at all…just gameplay


Shadowverse mosy gives you those metas but like most card games T0 happens, both Unlimited and Rotation are highly supported and the game has loads of depth.


Wasn’t there supposed to be a Mysteria anime? Would much rather have that.


Do SV devs do a better job at fixing t0 metas than duelyst devs?


Only after the community is really vocal about it, but it does get fixed eventually.


Depends on how vocal they are but they do patches every month to guarntee.


Actually, there were many times when the devs declared that “the balance is perfect” and refused to make any changes.


Already sounds worlds better than duelyst

How skillbased is SV?How much and how difficult decisionmaking does it have?How bad is the rng?
If you have played gwent,how does it compare?(didnt play gwent…thinking about starting with that too)


Extremely skill based, skill skill cap is leagues above duelyst.

@halcyon98 That’s fine imo as long as they tell us that there is no need for a change then there won’t be any change.


Not much RNG compared to Duelyst and HS. Decks are pretty straight foward (imo). Not that hard either, it’s just that strong decks are so strong that every other deck besides them might as well be the same tier.


Duelyst has less draw rng but more board rng.


Replace mechanic reduces draw rng by a lot