The Purification Crusade


It’s minion based instead of artifact based and aims to end the game with the likes of Pyromancer and Zendo, it uses lots of removal early game to last you till the end game where you can grind your opponent out with those 2 mentioned cards.


What about extinction rag?

Its what i have most fun playing right now…no 10 dmg ripper combo,no wanderer that allows you to keep going at all times,just extinction event that only works if you managed to keep a healthy board until than

Its moggins list…i will probably change some stuff but that will be likely for personal reasons.
Last season i got till dia1 with this(could probably have reached S if i was more motivated) and now im almost dia again with it.And i did not grind games…last season i had only 71 games
The deck is certainly viable…and it plays quite unique.Maybe you like it too


Dem Songhai ninjas always use our Vetruvian minions better then we can.


Fuck Shadowverse just got Wanderer.


Nat select in an egg deck?

Explain please


I forgot the name of it.

@alplod I meant the dude that changes your bbs.


Dispel isn,t that common anymore…since eggs will likely die imidiately or transform into real minions NS is not a bad call
The only relatively common dispell is EMP…but by the time that comes out you are very close to extinction anyways


They also had it before in the form of pre-nerf Alice, which might as well have impacted your entire deck cause every card you would usually play has been buffed.


What’s that?


I got it. He should be Pyromancer, but that name was copyrighted by Vet :confused:


Land of wonders land of marvels

Buffed your followers’ health as well as their attack


Destroyer of worlds, harbinger of rage, bringer of defeats.


There are a couple of Magmar archetypes I wanna try, but sadly my Mag collection is the most limited of all factions.


I mean, the new card is highlander support.


Ding dong intensifies.




My day is all the better now that I found this.


How is shadowverse?Worth getting into?


Eh, the cards are shiny and artwork caters to a certain…demographic. It’s fine, I guess.


From what I heard the meta is garbage but I love Tier 0 metas and my fav deck is that deck so I’m olay with it.

If you’re fine with the current meta, absolutely!