The Purification Crusade


I’d say she’s pretty great with Darkfeast Bat. More or less a staple in all Blood decks, actually.


waht is it with me and horrible draws


can we go to unlimited plz


Yes please. :smiling_imp:


believe me, it will be you who will beg for mercy now


code plz


Prepare for defeat. 36796


Ok,you are asking for trouble


Why is my body shaking so much when I get cold for a split second? Not goosebumps is what I know.


Shadowverse reddit rn


Just discovered that using Rebuke on an enemy Gambler can get yourself killed :confounded:.


Ragnora tech, hmm?


Do Gambler chains proc frenzy if the new target is next to him?


Luck strikes again

By now i got 8 legendary general skins through chests :joy:

If only that luck could transition into my games


The U.S.A was founded by tax evasion


No clue :neutral_face:.
I have never played Gambler.

I doubt I will ever see someone playing Gambler in Magmar, then given it Frenzy and finally attack at point-blank range with a ranged minion.


Gambler’s extra attacks don’t trigger counterattacks against ranged minions, so I’d think it won’t trigger frenzy either.


I don’t know which archetype I want to experiment with.

I became tired of arcanysts (again) and now I’m kinda enjoying different variations of swarm Lilithe (Wandering Swarm, Baronette, Crown Swarm). “Kinda” is here cause I built them all ages ago.

Mantra is boring for me, probably cause I don’t know how to play it properly. Egg Rag, Wanderer Rag and Reva and tempo Zir’An make me wanna vomit.

Is there smth interesting (i mean gimmicky), but playable in Hai faction, guys?


Control, playing that is some of the most fun I had with the game.

(and not as in artifacts)


Control Hai? Isn’t it usually an alias for Artihai?

What kind of control Hai do you mean?