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I don’t know if this is hypergeometric calculation. It might be that I just can’t tell from looking at it.


I have found a tutorial for dodging rain


Tip to new players: don’t Grasp of Agony + Mindlathe, you will get the damage, not your opponent.
It becomes obvious after some thinking and taking 6 damage to the face.


I’ve got an even worse one: Infest + Mindlathe as swarm Lilithe :wink:

Now about that self-damage tournament…


And in case anyone’s wondering, yes I have accidentally tested this one (with Cass tho). And no, it did not end well :smiley:


Watching Akira right now. So far fantastic.


The argument in favor of capitalism only works if one has faith in people as they are, and dont consider lost potential a legitimate form of lost value.

For example, season after season the anime industry releases a ton of GARBAGE. Shows that no one would consider artistic, that no one considers complex, that have no message, in bad quality, and all of it with diminishing budgets and time constraints. Like, from a capitalist standpoint, it works, because, yes, a bunch of anime is released every season. From any other perspective though, its just a bunch of companies run by people with no interest in their product, wasting every animator’s potential and passion, to produce a trash product, and push it to sell the bare minimum to make a profit and justify the making of another one. And people consume it- but, like… they shouldnt? Because its garbage? And there’s better options all around?

This is successful capitalism, can you blame them? Im tempted to say “no”, but I will blame them, because whats the ultimate value of this entire thing? Making a bunch of workers frustrated, only to push a show that will make a bunch of shallow un-analytic people mildly satisfied? Like, whenever a show requires you to turn your brain off for you to enjoy it, then thats indicative of its quality, and whenever someone enjoys it is indicative of the quality of the watcher. How much wasted potential is there in the making of these? Ghost In The Shell is philosophical, well crafted, often revisited, overall artistc, and pushed the medium forward. Pick any bad generic slice of life harem that comes out every season, compare it to GitS, which one would you save for the future of humanity? I bet its GitS. So why arent all these studios, that currently produce the worst possible products, colluding together to make one big good show? Because capitalism allows it.

I dont want that. I dont want garbage. Because garbage takes time and money to make, for an audience that honestly doesnt deserve it, in both ways. No one should be subjected to this infernal industry. Each day Nexon spends producing a bad game is one day they didnt spend working on a game that will make people actually happy and-or inspired. Many people gained dreams, motivation and purpose in life from playing good games and realizing they wanted to be a game dev, Nexon’s stuff is not doing that, its only generating toxicity. If a bad company is fulfilling the demand of a market that adds nothing to the table, then I dont think we should defend either of these parts.

im a digital arts and animation student who gained purpose in life from watching Lain and Angel’s Egg, both arthouse masterpieces that capitalism simply does not allow be produced nowdays, so yeah that might give some insight on my approach to this and why its so bitter


I strongly recommend Shirobako and Gi(a)rish Number for more insight on this subject. While I personally think Shirobako is a better show, Gi(a)rish Number does the better job of exposing the realities of the anime industry with its inherently cynical and satirical nature.


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im not necessarily a commie

, but we gotta vanquish them pigs


I’m capatilist but I don’t agree with non-consumer practices, adding to global warming when there are cleaner options and mega corporations.


I only happen to live in a capitalist society, and I don’t like it at all. It’s not like I support communism though; that’s another can of worms.



Join the military school and become a highly-killed professional.


Every type of society has up sides and down sides to it. The thing about them is less about the society itself but more about who would be the leader for it. As people often associate things like Capitalism or Communism to one person or one country, and judges the whole society based on that. But when you ask people “would you like this?” or “how do you feel about running x thing in this way?”, some will answer the question, that is pretty much a type of society that the person is against. Often its not the society type that the person hates, its either the person who is pushing/running for it or based on propaganda against it.

Basically, its all on a gray scale but people tend to view it as a black or white scenario.


that sounds wrong


I’m sorry if I don’t type a response as long as it should be as your response was very thought provoking. I have just been very tired recently, haven’t really been playing as much either.

To start off with, I don’t believe capitalism is the best system ever and that we should never try to invent something that could possibly be better, I just think that it is the best system when put into practice. Communism and Communism lite (socialism) are systems that I believe are probably the most utopian like systems that I can think of but they are only utopian on paper.

The argument for any economic system favoring towards the communistic side of the spectrum has to have the utmost faith that the government will be able to handle and fairly distribute the money coming their way and throughout all of history when communism has been implemented, there has been nothing but deep governmental corruption. Coincidence? I think not.

With your argument for the anime industry, I can absolutely agree that better anime should be produced and not fanservice bullshit like “Girls with giant breasts become sex starved beasts in the presence of onii-chan”. But at the same time, would you like to know what kind of animes would be produced in communistic countries? Nothing because there is no innovation or passion to create in such countries, why? Two reasons.

One, the government is a tyranny, a dictatorship that tries to spread state propaganda ensuring the citizens that everything is going great and that Our Great Leader is performing the best possible miracles for the country that would just not be possible under any other economic conditions. The result on the anime industry is little room for innovation as well as resources since cable time will be mainly allotted towards propaganda.

Two, under a communistic system where everyone is paid equally whether you be a lawyer or a janitor, why would you want to do something successful if it doesn’t make money or bring fame? Working in as a celebrity or in a prestigious government position might not only bring you money but also fame, anything else is all equalized.

There are people who definitely just have a passion and want to work for it but given these three conditions no money, no popularity and no space to be creative makes for far worse conditions than the capitalistic system could ever create.

And that’s really our main divergence here, I think. There is no perfect system, even capitalism is flawed but it is certainly better than most other systems.

Okay, that’s it. Gonna stop talking about communism, it’s too hard at the moment and even I’m not completely versed on it as well as its variations in certain aspects of society.


As I mentioned above, Im no commie, I havent studied it, it frankly seems to me that the whole “equal money distribution” is a great misinterpretation, but whatever, Im not here to defend that. But I do want to dispel this whole idea of “no innovation” and “no passion”.

Them gulags not only came up with such a striking visual identity that to this day any kind of red means some kind of marxism in 100% of political contexts, they also were on the frontlines of every visual medium- just off the top of my head, Malevich not only made some pretty cool abstract works, he immortalized himself as art theorist by making the Black Square. El Lissitzky was hot stuff in his designs, was probably the genesis or inspiration for the entirety of the Bauhaus school/movement… even in cinema the russians rocked the boat using editing to its fullest extent, the movies we watch today are as they are because russians did their thing, unlike the rest of the world who was kinda just on the boring theater-like train. I forgot the name of the guy who kickstarted this, sadly, but meanwhile you can just get ahold of Pasolini, a gay commie director who made the infamous Salo. Dont tell me that’s a passionless guy. Tatlin made the coolest architecture projects that are like a nightmare version of Eiffel Tower, the birth of Constructivism and Supremacism (the art movement, not political one)… I mean, everything’s there, russian avant garde is a thing that happened, it was really cool, just look it up.
They were very creative.
Probably in a way capitalism would not easily allow- because in a system ruled primarily by money, the first priority is not to make a good product, its to milk the milkiest audience. Its much more financially advantageous to degrade the consumer than to improve the product. Hence its way easier to remain in social inertia and split up to release 55 bad, 4 mediocre and 1 good shows a year than 10 good ones.

Previously it was just misinformation but this part is just nigh insane wasnt trying to come off rude there but i dunno how else to say it, even with the observation of the next paragraph. This is something Deleuze mentioned a couple times, and I confirm- art is not an endeavor of pleasure, no one picks this path with tranquility, no one gets in this shitty boat for fame and money, because it sucks, it really sucks, this a thorny path, you’re constantly at conflict with yourself, and your idols, and your peers, and all this is probably the worst possible financial gamble. No one gets in it for the money, people get in it because they have no choice but to do so. There are only artists by necessity, their own necessity to be an artist. I lowkey hate drawing. This probably calls for a bit more explanation, but let me not go on that tangent, its kind of complicated.
In this sense the political system can only influence art and its makers so much- and there is quality stuff being made in capitalism, but the market doesnt favor it, in multiple levels. As above stated.

I’ll mention it once more, I havent stated much fondness for any system yet, my primary point is a disdain for capitalism. There’s stuff I like better than communism.


Topic is now closed, so I’m asking in some other random topic. Care to explain your point of view?


i like how we’re in our 1 year anniversary since the forums last triggered godwin’s law. i wonder who’ll break our streak?