The Purification Crusade


The do publish it in Korea. And while they didn’t do anything to me in specific, they did do something to the Korean gaming industry. As far as I’m concerned, every single game they have involvement in should die, for the betterment of Korean gaming culture. And most of all, I don’t really care about Battlerite or SLS to begin with. Besides, if they are making bad decisions as you mentioned above, it’s really no rocket science on who to blame if the game actually does die. Spoiler warning: it’s probably not me.


Dropping stars
Dropping bars

Out with a blast
Few kills real fast

Your artifacts empower
Herald of the star shower

Beginning with the cleave
Blades bob and weave

Then comes the flight
Vaaths eternal blight

With your reach across the field
Their fate lies nearly sealed

With the third power they come undone
Striking twice per turn instead of one

Your final hour
Respect the power

Yes, the animation inspired this, sort of on the spot, meh


what’s wrong with nexon? i love their mobile games. i daresay Evil Factory is the best mobile game out there.



Evil Factory is one of two games made by Nexon in the last half-decade that has value as entertainment. The other is a mobile game called After the End, and both games are beautiful. Yes, despite what it sounds like, I’m not saying that Nexon is incapable of developing quality games; there are actually prime examples where the company created legitimate art. But if we looked at things closer, we can see that their implications are much more sinister.

In reality, an extreme majority of games developed by Nexon are trash. They are absurdly P2W, where not only is microtransactions essential for anyone who wants to play competitively, but also happen in exorbitant proportions. There are people who invest outrageous amounts of money into these games which have no artistic value or whatsoever. It’s awkward to even call them games; they’re more of a product.

But here’s the major problem: people actually play these games. A lot of people, in fact, play these games. The Korean gaming culture has degraded to the point where nobody really “plays” games; they just throw money to their screens, open loot boxes, and let the game literally play itself. And my playing itself, I mean pressing a button called “automatic controls” and making your character be controlled by an AI. That’s the full extent of gameplay in those games. And with these games, Nexon makes a lot of money,

Then what about Evil Factory? Well, it may seem like Nexon, the company that drove the Korean gaming industry to P2W garbage, is trying to get it on proper footing again. However, that really isn’t the case; let me explain. As time past, people started to realize how bad Nexon games were. Voices that criticized their games rose and Evil Factory is a response to the criticism. You can argue that it’s a good thing, that they accepted the criticism and took a turn for the better.

But the thing is, Nexon still makes their P2W games, even to this day. By essence, they haven’t changed. Evil Factory is a mere tool to succumb the criticism for some time, while they’ll still pursue their true intentions: making money even at the expense of a healthy gaming culture. While you still may have enjoyed Evil Factory, it’s really nothing but a superficial mask to hide what Nexon truly is. Even if it is still a good game, I think it’s better off if it didn’t exist at all if it’s being abused for ulterior motives.

I’d argue that the situation with Battlerite is more or less the same thing. (By the way, Nexon didn’t develop Battlerite. They only published it.) Don’t get me wrong, you are still free to enjoy those games. But I wouldn’t want you to get a positive outlook on Nexon, because that’s exactly what they want you to think. It’s really not a stretch to even say you’re being tricked.


man idk, i dont really feel anything strong against idle gacha. i don’t fault people for spending a lot of money on baseball cards or stamps or crush gear. i look at idle gacha in a similar vein. It feels a bit much to say that these games ruin a country’s gaming culture, when it doesn’t cater to gamers in the first place; it caters to people who didn’t outgrow pog collection and beyblades.

Besides, it’s not that hard me to google which games screw with players and avoid said games (paladins, no man, battlefront).


I appreciate the time and effort you put into making this post, I found it a very interesting read regarding the current state of Korean Gaming culture.

That being said, I would disagree from your statement that Nexon is a horribly evil company even with the assumption that all big companies are evil in the first place. This is situation that you cite is one of the many reasons why I believe Capitalism is one of the more prosperous economic systems for humans.

If Nexon was so nefarious of a company, many of its consumers should have left by now but they don’t because they enjoy the product being offered. People in a capitalistic economic system have the liberty of being able to support whatever business they want, if the business is bad, they don’t buy its products, profits go down, business dies and that’s that. If the business is good, they buy products, profits go up, business booms and that’s that.

In the case of Nexon, people buy and invest in its products and therefore the company is booming. Regardless of how malicious the company is, they are only prosperous because they are fulfilling the supply part of “Demand and Supply” which means there is a demand. Because of this conclusion, I would think that if we assume this microtransaction world of gaming to be bad, we must look at what is wrong with the culture as well as various aspects of the society that influence it such as economy, politics, foreign relations, so on

Apologies if I came off as repetitive throughout this post, I am very tired at the moment, Also these statements were made with the assumption that South Korea has a semi-capitalistic economy.

This whole capitalism thing has also made me think about some stuff like why communism or any tyrannical form of government does not work as well as the increasing tyrannical nature of western countries as they experience increasing influence from a variety of foreign countries. This has also made me think about the increasing oligarchic nature of major tech companies, onw of the more concerning topics in this subject is companies like Apple and Facebook being influenced by China, a full on communistic country.

I encourage many of you who read this post to think aboit these things as well as i am sure many of you are young and I hope I can make you a bit more knowledgeable.



I low-key wanna read it for the plot.


TBH, if you read it for anything else you’re a psychopath.


As an animemer, I say dont. As a writer, I say definitely do. As someone who knows your a minor DoNt Do It DoNt JaIL me PLZ


It’s a really tough decision cause from what I heard it sounds like a literary master peice.

I would like to advance this convo further in dms.


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someone actually made a wholesome version




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