The Purification Crusade




Dont worry about which is better, you are all furries in my eyes


Moemon. Checkmate atheists.


I ain’t no furry!

Real talk: furry things are vile. Major reason why I hate the Pokemon community.


Sheet, what’ll the EU do when they find him???


Funnily, if you ever randomly had a chance to happen across me, you’d not be able to recognize me by the way I speak. My word choice and sentence structure are severely different between written and spoken mediums.

I’m slowly learning to stop sounding like an old man when I’m writing. Except when I’m being silly, then I sound like I’m 8 years old.


Nothing, the act didn’t pass.


If only the same could have been said about net neutrality


next up, forums.duelyst.onion


Yes I am, but way too lazy to change the title again. I can still backstab people with Wind Dervishes just fine :thinking:


if u change yours, can i get a title too? :smile:





Oh, cloud frog, don’t you know?

Only scrubs have titles.

Wait a minute…


Forum titles are for nerds. I’m too cool for that.


I use 2 discourse forums now!


Can I point out really quickly how NoSE’s attack animation takes perspective into consideration? The third energy ball actually lands behind NoSE, while the other two land in front. It’s literally on another dimension, pun intended.



One of my 2 fav. PVP seems to commit suicide right now
The devs of Battlerite worked on a Battle royale mode throughout the last weeks/months
The hope was that that would attract new players to the game who would than go to arena from there

Turns out:Battlerite royale will be a seperate game,it will be BUY to play and it will soon come to steam EARLY ACCES.

To summarize…


So fuckin true. I sat waiting for royale cause they hyped it so much and they dissapoint my ass like this. Smh.


I kind of wish Battlerite would die as fast as possible. It is developed by SLS, but is publisher by a company called Nexon, a trash company that deserves to be wiped off the face of the industry.


As far as i know they publish the game themselves

What did that nexon company even do to get that much hate from you?

So even if theres a good game that only got good because the devs worked their *** off you would wish them failure just because they have the wrong publisher? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: