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Many Pokemon designs are actually really lackluster.




That I can agree with but it’s a small minority.

People always say the ones that look like items are the culprits but they are not, they have so much character!



My favorite is M



This is my favorite Pokemon design.


No, Flygon is right, Digimon can get way more ridiculous with its appearances- and some of those do look bloated, but as Halcyon mentioned above, I feel like many pokemon are just nothing, sometimes even straight up 0 appeal like any of the ones that have to do with objects
edit: except this lamp above, that looks nice. not any other from Gen 1 though

And, like, this doesnt even mention that young Digimon are not at all bloated, manage to be as cute if not more cute than lots of pokemon, and look cooler at the same time. Like, you cant say Terriermon here looks bad, and to me that looks better than 95% of the pokemon I know


and then he gets THE GUNS


Gen 1 is like a collection of garbage and gen 5 are all (baring 2 families) masterpieces.


Haven,t played pokemon since gen 5…but atleast than it was quite good
I don,t like kyrum black but i think kyrum white is perfectly designed
Looking at the beaver i see where they are going :neutral_face:

I watched digimon as a child and to me nothing looked overdesigned…but that might have changed with newer season or my memorys are clouded





Totally disagree with that. Gen 1 does have some bad stuff, but gen 5 are far from masterpieces.


Well, the fact that you can’t remember its name kind of proves my point. :thonk:


There are little designs in gen 1 that don’t feel bland. Chuggaaconroy is right about Pokemon in gen 5, they are like marmots, you either love them or hate them.


I feel like Gen 1 designs got the feel of what the pokemon is, to the audience a lot better. Considering gen 1 was more restricted with technology, so the designs of the pokemon had to be more simple overall. Also what is marmot?


Not realy because i never played the gen he was in.But i agree that the design is horrible



The technology was more restricted but there where some cool Mons, people kind of forgot about the less so ones.


yo but are we gonna talk about monster rancher, where there’s a wolf with a lion mane and its name is Tiger?


Happy cakeday @saltystabwound!

May you cleave the spines of our foes till there is nothing but Bloodfire Totems left.




I don’t know what you’re saying but Bidoof is the most Canadian of Pokemon!

Some Canadian governmental body actually made a poll and it was Bidoof.