The Purification Crusade


No, I have enough sense to see the state Abyssian is in right now. No need to nerf something that is already really bad. The ChAoS part was just a refference (which it looks like nobody got :slightly_frowning_face:).

That post was half serious and I actually have changed my mind about 8g8s after playing too much with it. Although I mostly agree with your statement about Answer or Die minions I still feel like Spellhai only makes things worse than they already are.


Happy Birthday to one of the most positively crazy persons of our community, @saltystabwound! (At least in my timezone already).

Lots of SpineCleavers to you, m8!


Crazy? Whuuuuut? Watchu talkin’ 'bout?

Big thank for the SPINECLEAVER


hbd @saltystabwound!

just ping me if a meetup pushes through c:


Much cake, very wow to saltystabbywoundo!

@thematsjo, do you know if giving a minion provoke and then killing it will have it be available for revive via amaranthine vow?


does it cleave spines? or is it a cleave made of spine?


If it does activate condition for AV we might have found a hidden Mythron.


2x2 Provoke convert for 0 mana becomes a disaster with Lyonar’s card draw abilities…


Spammernoob on discord got the exact same message from that guy. I forget what he responded with but it made me laugh.


Seems everyone met this guy, including another friend of mine; there’s a screenshot of when I came across him in my deck thread, he was playing Apex Ragnora, said the exact same thing- Man, such presence, such perseverance! Im promoting him to subcelebrity now, lets get him in here for an interview


Also! Cappy cakes and many blueflame sabers to that dude who speaks with this very DISTINCT and FUN QUIRK !!! being over the top is being not dead which is more interesting than the inverse i like you have a good day

while im on that topic, i kinda like to try and identify how people speak, and in the matter of quirks i notice i use a lot of spoilers, though that much recently


You can’t even say its name. :cry:

Also don’t make fun of how I type I’ll fucking cut you jk fam. Love you


@loliconartist Sorry, I was on holiday. I got to play some rounds too and got the same issue with frequent error messages (after finishing a round). Nonetheless I’ve reported this as a high priority issue to the rest of the Duelyst team so they can check it out :wink:


are you going back to spinecleaving GM?


Ago @saltystabwound, you’re now 1 year closer to death!

On a side note: All of you should play Pokemon Insurgence, I just finished it and it’s the best romhack I have played and an amazing game all around. I like it more then every main series Pokemon games.


I played almost all of Yellow, and I remember nothing of it except that my Nidoking invariably crushed everyone. As some dude who used to play lots of Final Fantasy, I’ll never understand the appeal of pokemon games. You only control one guy, against another one guy. Sounds terrible.

aside from the fact that its dumb af and any digimon product is infinitely better


Pokemon battles are very fun and unless you speed run the game using only 1 Pokemon isn’t the greatest strategy.

The Pokemon have creative designs and creative names unlike digimon.

But the main games are trash imo so I just play fanfares and only play the main ones if I have to so I can compete in competitive.


WHat? I actually hate Pokemon designs, to me the best designed Pokemon is the one that looks closest to a Digimon. Like Abra and Cubone.
Not that I keep up with the newest designs and whatnot, but yeah, whatever

edit: wew


Digimons look over designed, Pokemon feel natural and make sense. The only 2 Pokemon that feels over designed are Kyurem-White and Black.


Digimons overdesigned?
You haven,t seen MH frontier yet :joy:

White fatalis original


Frontier subspecies