The Purification Crusade


They are top tier s rank players among many who can and have played healyonar fully optimally on many occasions.

Dont say it hasnt been played as well until you know who can actually play it.


What I don’t really know is how much it was played at that time. It might have been as good as it is now and being weak was just your or whyb0t’s impression.


It was actually not that rare. It was just weaker because I believe that was the arcanyst meta if im correct, and a board snowballing lategame deck eats healyonar for breakfast.


Super cool! I do definitely understand that it takes time…


hells bells - I think this track is well composed and thematically consistent. My one slight change (based ENTIRELY on my preference) would be to soften the percussion hits a little, just to move them a bit more into the background.

coffeehouse 2 w/rain - This track has a lot going on…I am throughly intrigued by many elements of the track…as separate pieces. It seems more experimental overall, so I can appreciate the loosely jointed vibes. As a whole, it lacks a little polish in the timing of some instruments, but again, that is my opinion and I will defer the creator in nearly all instances.

Both tracks are mastered pretty well with good depth and dynamic range.

If you have these or any additional material, and have uploaded any to YouTube, I would like the links. I find that platform a little easier to work with most times…not necessary, but just my personal preference.

Also…an album’s length is relative to the value you place on your work…meaning, if you are satisfied with the message and/or expression of each track…and you find that a few (or many) of the tracks seem to share a connection, the album will be as compelling as it is complete…in your judgment. You only ever have to answer to yourself.


lmao ur giving me wayyyyy too much credit on coffeehouse 2 w/ rain. That was literally a technical error where I mixed the rain way too loud and didn’t catch it because FL studio sounds way better than when it’s compiled. All those “instruments” u hear are just from some ambient recording. Get mad at the birds for timing their chirps wrong, not me. Glad you thought it was more experimental tho.

anyway the problem is that i don’t have the artistic fortitude to make an album, a months long project, yet. i keep switching my style and genre and it just doesn’t make for a consistent theme.

literally everyday sees me switching things up, tho i’m currently leaning towards mixing blues piano with house and other modern sounds. working on expanding my drum patterns away from boom bap rn


Just want to thank @deathsadvocate for teaching these filthy healyonar players a lesson or two with his pantheran reliquarian deck. Purge on, comrade!


Well, regardless, you seem to be having a good time. There aren’t too many people that make music because they hate it. :sunglasses:

Good luck!


I need your advice on how to survive the next day


Knock yourself out and wake up the next day.


Deathsadvocate was right, Spellhai really doesn’t belong in a board based game like Duelyst. I’ve abused the power to burn the world and now I can’t stop. Worse yet, I find I can no longer play any deck that doesn’t let me turn all of the cards in my hand into face damage.

I’m getting corrupted by the forces of ChAoS and its to late too save me, at least try to save yourselves while you still can.


No, me playing Healyonar in every meta consistently and forming my own opinion based on my own experience makes me right.

Top tier players of any archetype are completely relevant to discussions on that archetype, as they prove how far the deck(s) can go.

I played it then, I’ve played it now. It’s better now. Hence me saying it was weaker then.


Has anyone met this guy?

How to report a player by the way?

EDIT. Oh no, he decided he doesn’t want to be my friend no more :joy:

EDIT2. The funniest fact is that I really played completely unplayable deck and he was playing combo Rag.


Think there is a support button in-game and I believe you can report players with it. Never used it myself though.


Send in support ticket, I just got flamed so much that I start trolling people who flame me. As they say, fight fire with fire.


I feel like ive seen this exact person before.


That’s not what I say…:yum:
I express only love and compassion!

…or I just type something completely random.


You could say you’re using your burning compassion


Capital letters spell out “CAS”. Cassiva? Is this a hidden “nerf Abyssian” post?

In case your post was somewhat serious, Duelyst never cared about board and positioning that much. It was always more about “put out threats until your opponent can no longer counter play remove them.”

Your opinion is just an opinion. And while we talk about opinions, @loliconartist’s opinion on subject seems more trustworthy.


I personally dont play healyonar really. merely from my observations going against the archetype, analysis of the decks core ideals and goals, and opinions of multiple pros have I derived my conclusions


i’ve seen another player post that guy’s toxic behavior, can’t recall if it was here or reddit

props for beating him too though lol