The Purification Crusade




Welcome back
I play minion masters but quite casual…never tryed to get higher than gold


So would you reccommend I start playing this “minion masters”


You’re a free man my dude, I’m just asking in case someone is already playing it. I wouldn’t be surprised as MM and Duelyst do share few similarities.


If you deceide to go for it…i got an unused free copy
There used to be an event where it was given away for free alongside an additional copy to give away.Noone i know showed interest in the game


Some time ago in some topic someone told me that Healyonar is not strong at all. I’ve been losing against it and thinking about that phrase months since and now I can freely say: screw you whoever that was.




Thanks for finding what I was too lazy to search for.
Also nice bait, because you just forced me to say “screw you @whyb0t”.


…that’s what I do. That forum title has a purpose.



Ok, maybe an album was a stretch. Making music takes a while.


You mean in November of 2017??? Bruh


I don’t think anything has changed for Healyonar since then.


It did kind of shift from a tempo deck to an aggro one.


I’ll rephrase: I don’t think there was any support or nerf since then to account for change of Healyonar’s meta status.


Did we have Sunstrike back then? I can’t remember.


I disagree. Healyonar performs well against faster decks. The meta is faster now. Regardless of the cause, I was right. Healyonar was bad a year ago but it’s pretty decent today


Im inclined to agree with you at least about it being good know. Back then it was still really strong though, and an s worthy tier 1.5-2 deck. So it definitely was not bad.


The thing that it wasn’t played as much or as good as it is played now doesn’t make you right.


You literally just dissed powinthekissa, kieran, and multiple other amazing healyonar players who have been playing this archetype for many many seasons.

This is absolutely untrue

Anyways in your defense, it was not bad at all back in 2017, but it did get stronger in the last few seasons.


IDK who those players are and I don’t think they have anything to do with this argument.