The Purification Crusade



Don’t let them know


The rules of hyperswarm

  1. Use your mana

Never be afraid to play a card just because it may get removed.
Hyperswarm is the fastest deck in duelyst, and fast decks dont hold cards. They use them

Its always better to ask as many questions as you can, so they either get answered sooner or you win sooner

Ex. Playing furosa, bb mentor, soulfire grimwar or blood moon priestess without huge payoff.

Playing furosa or bb mentor the turn before a bbs is up is sometimes the way to go.

This is because it allows you to play more and more things and snowball the early game more often, This is especially the case if you couldnt have played a combo if you didnt play a piece before hand.

Soulfire gwar is well used to prep for aoe or large loss of swarm to present a catch 22 situation. “Give opponent a win con set up in order to remove swarm? Or kill grimwar and leave swarm” etc

Blood moon priestess is still great even with only 2-3 procs, it still netted value and got out there.

Asking more than one question makes it even easier to get stuff to stick.

  1. Dont needlessly overextend into aoe
    While you do want to play your stuff more than hold it, dont unneccessarily position into makantor, pony, immolation, etc.

Watch for plasma storm turns, put up gwars or set up big guys with dfcs when you would have traded anyways to ask another question.

  1. Keep your finishers
    At least dig to find one gwar or dfc no matter what, otherwise you cant win. (Excluding 2x soulshatter)

Preferably I love seeing one soulshatter at least and another finisher of any kind. (This leads to almost guarenteed wins as long as you have at least 4 minion)

  1. Keep big stuff
    Blood moon priestess is always awesome to have in an opening hand as a one of.
    Same with w swarms and mentors. They give a swarm some top end sustainability.
    I always feel good seeing one of any of these in an opener

Copys of cards are often bad ideas to hold.
Swarms, replicants, blood moon priestess, grimwars and more are too expensive and inneffective to do enough in copies

(In special cases, dfc and bb mentor are great. 2x Soulshatter often leads to the fastest wins. 2x furiosa can lead to insane combos and super sticky swarms.)

  1. Dont be afraid to cull your swarm

If you need to trade into something or somethings, whether for fear of life total or value for your opponent, dont be afraid to do so.

The general rule is not trade, do general face to general face and clear, but if neccessary do not hesitate to trade.


…is what you are saying…correct?


As far as I know, VPN isn’t illegal in China. It’s not like the Chinese government is unaware of their existence, and they don’t block it because big Chinese companies need to use it too for foreign affairs. The only victims are the people who are unaware of VPN or cannot afford higher-quality VPN. (I use a free VPN at the moment, and it very rarely works. It’s not like VPN is magic or anything.) As for BN terms and conditions, I really couldn’t imagine a reason why BN would disallow the use of VPN to access their games. VPN really isn’t sophisticated tech, I’m not sure if BN even has the right or the ability to prohibit it.


You’d be surprised. I invite you to simply search “VPN” in this forum and read the various threads, many related to our dear friend @alplod.

It’s dangerous for anyone to explicitly say they are using VPNs…that’s what we are saying. :sweat:


Disregard this message.


That is very odd; I wasn’t aware that something like that happened before. Either way, this isn’t the first time I said I used VPN to play Duelyst, so I guess it’s too late.


Lets take a moment to respect the most lit monthly cards patch (at least in terms of overall competetiveness)

Rip ironclad


Ironclad is a special snowflake here, though :grin:


I was debating whether to add something like that to the post.
Just in time

Decimus is such a beast.

Zyx was one of my least happy nerfs in a long time. Given my history with swarm that is.


My Strategos is suffering greatly.


im sad for abyss hyperswarm


Guess who’s back.
Back again.
Cairill’s back.
Like this post.




WoWeE iTs RaYqEe


eyo any of you play minion masters i need a 2v2 partner lets go


What’s that?


Basically clash royale?
Whichever is the one with cards and lanes


Kind of but it’s actually pretty good and it doesn’t try to rip you off.


I just did a quick search, and don’t you mean Minimon Masters? Either way, that game is made by a Korean devloper so it must be horse shit. Sorry.