The Purification Crusade


Could someone kindly explain to me why 9 mana Time Maelstrom was broken, preferably someone who actually saw it in action? It is a 9 mana card that does nothing unless you already control the board, heck, Nosh-Rak does pretty much the same thing for 8 mana + a body yet he sees no play at all.


It skipped their turn, so all your turn based effects would proc again, including card draw. It was essentially a really solid finisher with a ton of versatility. Noshy requires you to go face, TM let you do whatever, attack, reposition, etc. Rarely would people chain 3.


imagine what it’d be like now that we have abjudicator and manaforger. it’d be the jankiest meme.


In addition to what phayze said, back then duelyst was actually alot slower, with nine mana combos being nerfed.

Now itd probably still be very strong, but since games are decided so much earlier

(Which is the eventual direction of any and all card games without rotation, reference: magic the gathering vintage and legacy formats in relation to modern and standard)

Id say 9 mana old edit: time maelstrom would actually be quite balanced.

9 mana spell
Gain another mana crystal, from now on you can gain mana beyond the limit
Draw 7 cards
You know have an extra hand slot
Heal your general to 26
This is your new max health

(This is not dispellable)


Thanks @phayze and @loliconartist for the repies :slightly_smiling_face:

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And to Loliconartist, I must admit I’ve never heard of 9 mana Spiral Technique, what was it like :sweat:


Ive heard alot about early duelyst, but hadnt played it until a while later.

I hear it was surprisingly tough to beat and a really powerful card, but im not sure.

What I do know is early vindicator was the most busted design ever


I remember a 7 mana spiral technique which was the same as now except 7 mana. The craziest lethals with it was often mana vortex+spiral tech then next turn spiral tech for 16 damage by 7 mana. And this was back when mana vortex gave you draw.


Very well, I also didn’t get to see the earlier days of Duelyst so I can also only imagine what things were like back then.

But Vindicator giving anything rush does sound ridiculously OPed.


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Oh and @phoinexflame I meant 9 mana time maelstrom or whatever would be balanced, mistype on spiral


Well to have those again we’d need a fairly engaged playerbase who have experience with that sort of stuff as well as community managers/devs who are interested in initiating this with the intent of an actual follow-up rather than a neato forum title and some orbs.

I do have to agree though, seeing something that big play out would be freakin awesome!


I would actually pay for this.
My first cent in games would be tributes to dooly


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The good old days of Foxhai baby, 5 Mana for them twin celerity foxes


For those of you in china,

How did you even get on the forums tbh. So much censoring.


We use something called a VPN to disguise ourselves on the web and pretend we’re somewhere else. That way, we can access sites blocked in mainland China, like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Dropbox, and a countless others. As for the Duelyst forums, it isn’t blocked.


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Playing Duelyst itself requires VPN though.