The Purification Crusade


Wish I could let you in myself, ill have a talk with kirabi.

Basically its just about writing articles for the site or snippets for decks.


Huh thanks :relaxed: heavy blushing
Although that was more of a joke, as I’m really not a good player and also have very little time to produce further content (@Boronian needs meeee!!! That wiki just isn’t writing itself)


Ok then, guess I wont.


NP, and remember to flag threads and posts like this. That really helps me to keep up.




@bepoest is my best man, you won’t get him!!! :smiley:


I just made my first edit on the wiki, and I’m unsure if I did well. Are there any editing guidelines or rules I can read?


I saw that, it was a good addition, I expanded it a little bit. Thanks!

I am copying from our Discord server:

Guidelines for editing articles:

  1. Use == == for creating sections, === === for under sections
  2. Card names should be capitalized e.g. Egg Morph
  3. Link the first mention of an ability or a card that exists on the wiki with [[ ]]
  4. If you add several points to a section please use * at the beginning of every point.

And don’t worry, I always watch the wiki and help out :smiley:


Ah, I was thinking of making some additions to the wiki about small interactions.

One is whether frenzy occurs on counterattack.


The Frenzy interaction is already there. There is really not much to it. Just try to copy the formatting you see and you should be fine :smiley:


My weekend is set!


Anyone wishes that we could have something like this again?


i’m a bit in shock. did storm really just say “yes, saying peep-- isn’t allowed because 8 yr olds might pick it up”???


You meant it as an euphemism for a penis, not urine. It’s the equal offense of asking somebody to go suck on an sausage or something.


It is allowed, it was everything else in that quote.

Imma have to get quotes from the best worst community, the rooms on PS!


im more confused than ever. i guess the only way to find out is me eventually posting peep-- or saying “everything else” on separate occasions and see which one gets taken down.




Is anybody else getting the “We hit a snag” screen after a game? I’ve been getting it every few games and it’s starting to get a bit annoying.


Yup, it’s cause we have the shitternet.


I have been too, and my internet is really good. I dont get it

I concede and it says the game is still in progress and wont let me leave and reqeue until I restart the game. it also says "we hit a snag everytime the game finishes. my internet is fine, and others have reported this.


Same here.