The Purification Crusade


@saltystabwound, is your youtube username “Magic Spammer”?


I just realized I won’t make it to Comic-Con Seoul because I’ll be at the hospital. Fuck me.


what you doing in the hospital


My YouTube username is Lightly Salted Stab Wound.

I’m quite against spamming magic. Spell spam people are the lowest of scum in my eyes. Right below uninteractive decks.

Who’s asking and why?


Ah, I asked cause there is someone on youtube who has your exact profile picture.


I’ve been here for 2 weeks already because of my shattered kneecap.


You could go as Professor X?


I just realized. That toxic salt thread is deleted. Nice catch, @stormshade.


I would jump infront of a train to wake up


Well, I did just rip this png from the Va11halla wiki, so other people with the same pfp are to be expected.


I made a logo for a school project I’m doing with friends. Feedback please! Thanks.


Thats a cool logo i might say. btw whats Nuwa means?


My friend, the director of this project, named it. Nuwa is the Chinese goddess of the heavens, which is appropriate because the project is about promoting Chinese culture


I really like this, so much so that I wouldnt say it needs fixing
Some measurement weirdness are noticeable though
I’d expect to see same lengths/widths in certain areas, whereas its not the case, such as the rectangles not being the same, slightly decentralized line and that kinda awkward level difference signaled by the top of the bottom rectangle not aligning with the thing on the other side

Its cool I like it


Thanks for the feedback! I better get to work.


dont get too hung up on it, sometimes good looks defy the most promising methodologies


What drama did I sleep through?


This guy asked Duelyst Central if he could be a part of their team. He obviously got rejected, because nobody in the Duelyst community knew who he was and he clearly didn’t have any experience content creating. He thought that was unfair and went out to make a post claiming that Duelyst Central is toxic, calling them a “loser group.” Of course, everybody laughed at him and it was really fun.


I have experience copy-pasting content from previous community managers. Can I be in?
I can also review decks for memery-ranking.


oh, he claimed he was top 50 too. he wasn’t lol. i told him to go to weenie hut jr. too bad i didnt even get to see his reaction.

i do actually meet him in the ladder often though. memory is blurry but if memory serves right he’s some good meme fodder.