The Purification Crusade


Not to mention that Hearthstone completely ripped off Mirrorim with one of their new cards…


You could say that, but its design has been in the game for some time already (see: Gang Up)


I know, I’m being petty. I stopped caring about Hearthstone cards designs anyways.








have to say my hearthstone experience ranges from “what the hell is this weenie hut jr?” to “wtf is going on”

i think i accidentally broke the mmr system and now im getting fucked over and over

campaign is pretty fun tho, and i hope they release another one soon

dont know about the streams, but brode looks like he’s having a blast with the cartoon series where they literally just fuck around and shoehorn the card reveal


This is a reoccuring meme in the MH community that i feel forced to share here



Mounting was a mechanic introduced in the 4th generation.Usualy you need ledges to perform mounting attacks which could allow you to mount the monster after which you(and if you played online your team) would get a free opening.
The insect glaive,a new weapon,was the only weapon that could do mountattacks without ledges.There were some bad players (mostly french for some reason) who would do nothing with the IG except spamming mount attacksThe default message for mounting in french was Je suis monté,


Brode left may months ago… now it is just a wasteland and tributes of his laugh


whut wait who’s the guy in the reveal then? i thought he said his name was brode, maybe im mixing things up.


This stream? It was Mike Donais and Day9


no not stream, some boomsday videos where a guy excitedly explains magnetize and research


I think it was Dane Kosak


oh wait nevermind


The Boomsday expansion actually looks kinda cool imo. Not as cool as another Duelyst expansion would be though :sweat:


What if counterplay released three large, well thought out expansions in three days.


I would wet my pants.


My soul would nut.


I’d be concerned and would join flygon’s discord.