The Purification Crusade


Anyone read akame ga kill? Im sure plenty of you have watched it, but the manga is truly a masterpiece in character building imo.

Ill post the link to reading it free online rn


Only seen the anime, which wasn’t great. Heard that the manga is suppose to be really good, but unfortunately for me I’m not a person who enjoys reading.


luckily manga has pictures. unluckily, manga translation is often not professional and badly written half the time. its pretty okay otherwise tho


This is the official translation I believe, and its pretty good.


Oh cool, it was pretty good wasn’t it?

Uh, sorry, I’ve been having eyesight problems lately, let me just get my glasses real quick, haha.

The resolution on my monitor is kind of low right now because of some problems with the drive, lemme just fix that real quick…haha.

Oh, I’m glad to see you liked it too, haha.


Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.


@loliconartist were you really shocked by @cloudfrog’s Zardoz-esque picture?
If yes, how did you handle most of the Internet so far?

Maybe your loli superpowers make you very vulnerable to older people?


Akama ga kill is one of the animes ive watched…its overrated
The big problem with the anime is that it kills off its characters way to fast.I don,t want sunshine in the stuff i watch and don,t mind it if likeable characters are killed but the execution in this anime…

Basicly you learn nothing major about anyone until that character is 0-2 episodes away from dying.Makes it also very predictable towards the end:oh,he just revealed his backstory.I wonder if he dies this episode or the next :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

Another problem is that it loses focus waaaay too fast.The theme of assasins executing corrupted people to weaken a corrupted state is very interesting.Too bad that they cast that focus aside very fast and insted shift the entire focus to a battle with another group


Need to share this here…good that these days are over


How’s the Duelyst community in reddit? Should I check it out or will it be a waste of time?


Much less frequent posts on Reddit. Still a good place, some replays get posted there if you like to watch.


Yeah, that was the problem I had with it as well. The show was far too quick in pulling the trigger and killing off characters before we really got to know them.


Agree with Bepoest, most of the posts there are just replays. And most of the time you will only see 2 posts a day. This is including replies.


No, I just have ugly bastard and 177013 ptsd flashbacks


Why does the ugly bastard tag even exist?
Why is a cute mangirl getting [REDACTED] by some fat ugly guy a common enough thing that a freakin’ tag exists for it?




I never knew I needed something like this in my life.

Many thanks.


Never been more dissapointed watching a HS reveal stream as this one. Cast is horrible, gameplay just idiotic, no engagement to watch.


Did you basically describe Hearthstone as a game?


Not really. The streams were fun to watch when the cast was Kibler+Brode or Day9+Brode. By Idiotic Gameplay i meant not even looking at the board for potential good plays, but playing random shit that shouldnt be played there (given that one of the cast is an EX-Pro player). Also, they are just silently sitting there talking some random BS, no “AWESOME” or even “WOW” reactions from any of them. Just silence or mediocre reaction.