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The Purification Crusade


I only have a cold…

Outside of that there are problems with me mentally.


Ok man whatever floats yer boat


She is a robot though…




@epicflygon Thats quite the gesture

@nwardezir ok…


Galaxy once tried this sort of stuff, do you know what we did to him?


maybe you should tell that to him


Eh!! Leave my pillow out of this!


…dark days, indeed.


can you please stop with this


ok sure.


I see the shit posting here has gone to a good start


Time to create a poll for a proper name for this thread, or whatever…

I’m not going to to it…lol


Oh no…

You guys get one. ONE title change.

We are not repeating the changing title stuff from the last one.


Oh, don’t be like that, I am slightly more responsible than Isgopet. I think I can handle the responsibility.


vote away everyone :eyes:

  • I can, so I did. Deal with it
  • I can, so I did. Deal with it.

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Why? we trusted you thanatos


As did he trust us.


No, we made the mistake of trusting Isgo. Fortunately, I don’t draw pleasure from others pain mostly so I think I can handle multiple name change capabilities.


Oh don’t get me wrong, we all recognize Isgopet was the one doing it and 90% responsible for it (there were some changes made in response to us, so we’re partly to blame). The thing is, how do we know the next won’t suffer the same delusions? Isgopet didn’t exhibit these symptoms until the power consumed him. You have no idea what might happen to you, being the new host of the meme topic.