The Purification Crusade


Yes please OWO


Just look at this fucking replay. You might all be confused about what happened on my T2, but if you’ve seen me around the forums for a while you’ll know perfectly what I’m trying to point out. I’m afraid this happens to me on most of my matches.


Apologies, maybe I’m just daft, but I don’t understand what happened. I also don’t understand why you conceded?


It’s my internet connection. I tried to play the Gravity Well, but it didn’t let me, and my turn ended without anything happening. :confounded:


Ah, I see. That sucks. I hate internet issues :frowning:


I always thought the whole magical girl genre sucks

Seems like i was wrong


Have you not seen Madoka Magica?! YES, it is an EXCELLENT SHOW. Watch it.

Also, while we’re talking about magical girls, bonus points if you watch Magical Girl Ore.


Its not on youtube and im not going on any of these pirate sites.Legit sites usualy don,t support paysafe…so it is impossible for me to watch


Isnt that the one where the cute girl turns into a muscular man?

@terrarius so what sites can you use?


Anything that is youtube or legal while supporting paysafe(not gonna use online banking)
If you know a legal anime site that supports paysafe and japanese with sub i would be glad to know(unfourtanetly english dub is oftentimes lackuster)


OMG yes, this sounds perfect.


I dunno, you tell me


I also highly recommend Madoka Magica, so you should watch it whenever you get the chance. It was my first anime I ever watched, and I’m so happy that it was instead of something like Naruto or SAO.


i think my first anime was Astroboy

but yeah, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is great, my fave is Mami

Spoiler alert

poor gal, her death caught me by surprise :c


I read Naruto, couldn’t watch it after that tho




I think that spoiler is going to need more than a blur to hide it, lol.


Yeah it is.


changed from blur to hidden c:


I mean that is exactly when the show started to turn