The Purification Crusade


Yooo i have the most lit Silvertooth upgrade:

Deceptibot Won’t pull it from your deck, BUT
consider this: it will work with SILVER’s effect won’t it?

So basically it’s

deceptibot->Kproj/chakram-> silver/metaltooth->Ghoulie

that’s the jankiest combo ever.


I actually love the online culture in this universe ghey have there own 4chan, rule30 is the opposite and twitch chat is bassically the same thing.


Why does this dude look like Sweeney Todd???


Sometimes I think I have messages, but it’s @isbee kisses again.


Fans of: Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Nioh, Devil May Cry, and Ninja Gaiden

Next games gonna be duelyst dank souls OwO




I’m bored. @hugoken


Bored and stupid apparently. Don’t you know how summoning demons usually goes?


It’s fun to play with fire once in a while.


Careful, lest you get burned


No, why??? I had enough of HS with him


How did it go? Just curiosity.


Hugoken is like @raqyee but not fun to read.


Who’s that?


Read some of his posts like the comments in his thread and you will understand who he is.


Another great meme but in Battlerite…
Pestilus only has 1 iframe ability (infest on space)and once he used it hes very vulnerable to aoe abilitys which most ults are.At higher levels once pestilus spaced everyone is going to try to ult him


I only am at gold ( havent played in awhile)
And even I understand the very basic rule of pestilus.

Dont waste space Owo. When space is on cd you become the sexiest lookin meal on the menu


What is it with you and OwO???

Are you a furry or something???


Honestly idk. I just like its look.
also I love traps


Let’s be real here, who doesn’t?