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The Purification Crusade


No pressure, I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

On one hand you’ll have one guy trying to kill you. On the other you’ll lose all respect I had for you. Which one’s worse, I wonder?

@saltystabwound you know hypothetically, if we were trying to compete for their affection, their friendship would be stronger. We’d just be a couple of lowlifes to them, crying on the corner after we both fail to get our best girls.


Another is prison, Dorothy is cute but no.


That’s what I already am though. No real problems on my end.


Something something Dorothy something job something explicit grumble grumble


Something something ment to look like a 13 yearold girl something something.


Something something play the game something something grumble grumble


Something something broke something something


When you have $11.76 in expendable cash pick it up.


I bought this game.
But I didnt play it.
Because it sucked balls.

Just kidding, I gifted it to a friend of mine, he liked it

edit: I guess I could play it at his house when I visit
correctly guess which girl I’ll like best and win a prize


Do yourself a favour, buy it for yourself and pllay it for yourself.


Are we going purely by aesthetics, I assume? Since you haven’t played it, I can’t imagine much else would come in to play.

My guess is Dana Zane


alright look, that description seems pretty nice, but this cannot be a coincidence, its not mere chance that you picked the one (1) white haired girl in the game (i dont actually know if its just this one), you must have read somewhere that i have a thing for that, or im just an esoteric magnet of these things
now Im actually interested


So you have a thing for boss
:eyes: :thinking:


One might say I have a gift for these sorts of things.


can you guess who would be my best girl then :thinking:


Trick question. It’s all the girls.


Godamn you are good


Well, it’s cannon that Jill does as well.


Yooo i have the most lit Silvertooth upgrade:

Deceptibot Won’t pull it from your deck, BUT
consider this: it will work with SILVER’s effect won’t it?

So basically it’s

deceptibot->Kproj/chakram-> silver/metaltooth->Ghoulie

that’s the jankiest combo ever.


I actually love the online culture in this universe ghey have there own 4chan, rule30 is the opposite and twitch chat is bassically the same thing.