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Do have friends/are you willing to make friends? If you do/are, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting back in.

I’ve played solo for almost 3 years now, but a couple of my friends joined around 2 months ago. The first guy made pretty fast progress with my help, to the point that we’re pretty much equal, and now he’s gone and started helping me help the other two.

Region Chat is pretty cool too. There’s always people willing to help others out. Some veterans will even give staple items to people who are brave enough to ask nicely.


I do have a friend or 2 that used to play but we all went inactive back when Inaros was new. So I don’t know, I’d be down to relearn with you.


fall of games are inevitable, but i’ll be damned if it was because it was out of my hands. ill stop playing when im sick of the game.

i wish we can do more, like send a message to the devs to make the latest expansion count. less toys, more cards that will fix meta (talking about making spells and og too unblockable, and maybe more stuff outside the dooly box)

ill be there when the new ship comes, but ill be around for as long as i can be.


Sure thing my dude. I’ll add you to my Discord server with my friends after I walk the doggo.


…and if there is a system for giving approval, I will certainly be abusing the crap out of it!


I dont really, Im finally getting the time to craft all the janky shenanigans I want to test (looking at you, Artifact Ilena), and its definitely not the meta because we all lived through god damned Arcanyst Vanar and survived
Maybe there’s people feeling bored because the expansion is taking long to come out

I take breaks without really planning to, but never actually leave, and that might as well be natural to me, because this also happens in the only other online game I play, World of Tanks
So no jumping ship on my part

i kind of feel like an outsider and thus somewhat intimidated on dooly’s ark discord though so i dont show up often there


@saltystabwound and @longshot405 I was very busy with having to go up and down the country to see my relatives every other day so I only got around to VA-11 Hall-A now but I have a question. How do I know if a drink looks messed up or not?

Edit: Finally figured out how.


What the hell? This was just uploaded on Duelyst’s twitter with just “samurai” as the caption. The post is now deleted for reasons we all can guess.


Mix drinks and change lives intensifies


If its a real card, then I like the card’s effect for reasons I can’t say in case someone else thinks of the combo I’m thinking of.


What the hell guys did you really just flag me for saying peepee?


It’s going to be so strong with Ass Protocol.


The diaglog scares me and makes me laugh at the same time.


@saltystabwound what kind of drink do I give this woman to make her calm down?

edit: Thanks google.


I don’t think it was us…


Glad you’re enjoying it. Just make sure you also do the prologue chapters and then the bonus chapter that unlocks from that. The last one hits hard.


My life is better now that I know these exists.


I laughed, I’m not sorry.


Now we must resolve the conflict ask you:

Who do you think is best girl?

If you answer wrong I will kill you.
There’s no wrong answer c:


I’m currently deciding.

But if someone answers Dorothy they’re going to prison.