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The Purification Crusade


Yeah, I’m pretty done with Duelyst too. Just don’t have much time and would rather focus on other things.

I’ll probably still post here though

Y’all are great


I like the community more than the game. I’m currently still trying to find the game I want to become pro at.


I don’t know, Duelyst is the only CCG that has actually sticked with me. I’ve tried various other Online Card games (mostly when I was looking for a alternative to Duelyst when rotations got announced) but none of them had that specific Duelyst feeling.

The reason I don’t think the meta is the problem is because I’ve seen way worse metas then we have now and none of them made me feel this burnt out. Maybe I’ve just played to much Duelyst and need a break, I dunno.


If you share warm emotions may i hare cold ones

In Battlerite i have 700 hours…and am stuck around high dia
In preseason i managed to get to champ(not gc…typo)
Turns out:almost everyone in high dia used to be in GC during the preseason
This means i realy got better…yet at first it seems like i got worse…because BR lost many players the increased average skill makes me unable to reach a new high in rank despite beeing better than i ever was :confused:

Mabye sounds whiny…but it is realy depressing.Makes all the effort i put into getting better seem worthless


Meanwhile, I’m enjoying building and testing new stuff as much as ever :slight_smile: meming and not playing several hours at once keeps the game very fresh for me. I’d say this meta is even above average, the only thing that really triggers me is Fault+Rae.


Final statement: Tennolive starting in 10 minutes. Get on it!


How long is it? Also twitch link pl0x


Breath works wonders, you should try it.

Just don’t play it too early.

And somehow, being more pissed off than sometimes I feel the creative urge.


Joke’s on you, I’m already dead inside.


I hear there’s a necromancer around here that could help with that issue…


I don’t know much about the meta anymore, but I do know that I have a deep appreciation for all of you here. Please, always be kind to each other. I wish we could all just chill in this space forever, but I am certainly not delusional about the end of our time together. We still have a while to enjoy ourselves, so I will be grateful for every moment.


That… That’s so nice. :sob:


Who’s cutting onions!? It’s making my eyes sweat. I’m not crying, you’re crying!


Zirix bros often just stay really far away from you, opposite the map. best he can do is try to reach you with some poop. nothing some smart body blocking and face-hitting wont fix.besides, swirls are always 2-of. its gonna be janky but i just need 3k spirit and it will be more consistent.


and as for the current topic on hand. i think duelyst gets stale due to the meta sharing a common trait(it’s almost a design issue). the best decks are always impossible to answer. i dont know why duelyst doesnt have spell counters, or anti OG cards (and if there are, why they are so limited), but it really should. right now, there is no real way to protect a built board from a single spell, or preventing an inevitable board state. dooly is too predictable, and that’s why it gets tiring to play


You all are soft! Get a hold of yourselves! I, for one, welcome the inevitable fall of duelyst. It will cement my victory over Isbee, as they will no longer be able to give likes anymore once this place dies.

That being said, I’ve no intentions of just dropping off the face of the Earth just because we don’t have the forums to hang out in. When that day comes, we’ll find another place to migrate to I’m sure.


Wispers “That effort is still on going.”


Sorry, I kinda got distracted by FUCKING EVERYTHING



Thunderhorn could help you in being another counter to Fault and a removal target so Dank Hart stays more safe. Vet has a lot of reach (lol nostalgia), especially in the late turns so Sandswirl can be really dangerous unless you can bait it out early.


You have no idea how I wish I had more time and the willingness to learn Warframe again. Do you think it’s still possible to drop in and learn?