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The Purification Crusade


I’m pretty sure that most people who are aware of her are also already aware that she’s P. FUCKIN’ STUPID

The main discussion here seems to be that even a reputable source(?) like the BBC is jumping onto the “Video games will make us all backwards savages” train.


That has been a bad taste in my mouth for quite some while, but it has washed out in recent days. Thank you for reminding me of her again. :upside_down_face:


I’m actually extremely unfair towards feminists, to admit. My country is currently plagued with oceans of radical feminists who think their fathers should burn with satan, and the sheer atrocity of the status quo shaped my beliefs quite a bit. Objectively, I can see how some people can agree with her, but I’m tired of all this shit at the moment. I respect women in real life, but nobody gives a shit about that.


BBC is paid by TV liscenses and because of people are spending their time on other things BBC are losing money as people don’t see a need to buy a TV.

They try to bring down the reputation of people/video games (mainly) so that they can stop people from consuming that medium in attempts to make people spend money on TV liscenses.


This thread is the only reason why I check the forums., I have lost my interest in this game and now the forums. I still love y’all so I would like you to join the discord as it’s now my natural habitat. https://discord.gg/a8WXUny


Can’t believe like 0 people voted on this poll.


Anyone got any anime recommendations for the new season? (excluding AoT season 3 and Overlord season 3).


Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa is a spinoff show to the Kaiji series and I’m already intrigued.


I have an impression that finally I’ve become a great Artifact Reva player.

My deck’s maybe suboptimal. Maybe. But I’m so used to it, when I’m pissed off by the meta, I just take my ArtiReva for a ride, and we may ride up to Diamond 2 at least. Prev season I got S with her.

A deck I shouldn’t remind myself how to use properly. I just go and wreck everyone I meet.

Excuse me for bragging, just had some warm emotions I was willing to share.

BTW, I play it the old fashioned way, without backstab. Gonna test another version when I get to Diamond.


YOOOOO i have the jankiest kha counter: HANK FRIKKEN HART. aegis barrier+bbs =unkillable and buffable face engine. they wont expect it, they wont be able to hurt it. it’s beautiful. will play it after my duelyst break.


Sandswirl tho


PSA: in about 4 and a half hours, the Warframe Tennocon stream will be live. If you link your Twitch and Warframe accounts, and watch the stream for at least 30 minutes, you will receive a free Ash Prime. He will come with a free Warframe Slot and Reactor.

That is all.


Does anyone find themselves bored of the game right now? This particular meta seems very stale for some reason and a meta shakeup won’t occur until October probably when a new expansion arrives.


But I already have one with all that stuff -.-


Well, still worth it for the free slot I suppose


I do too and have actually dropped Duelyst for a while but I’m not sure the current meta is to blame for that.


I just wonder if it’s normal to be this frequently burned out from Duelyst and something similar happens in other CCGs or it is just Duelyst.


I always take breajs from Duelyst but now I’m done, I’m done with this game. After the Meltdown tournament I wont be playing it.

It’s not the meta to blame.


I leave Dooli frequently. I think it’s OK, there are other things to do and other games to be played.

Sometimes I just get gold to acquire that sweet legendary and that’s all.


Hey, don’t do that. We are a family here I assumed.

Noone leaves alive.