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I actually wholeheartedly believe media deeply influences us, god knows me and all of my friends started smoking because all the stories ingrained the coolness into it, but yeah, a healthy mind is never gonna do bad stuff just because fiction presented it in a cool way
Take care of your kids my dudes


But here’s the thing: the media that got your friends to start smoking probably did portray and advertise smoking as something “cool.” DDLC used dark themes to construct a narrative, not to endorse suicide.


Sometimes Natural Selection can be a good thing and no, I don’t mean the Magmar spell.


i feel cheated, you wrote it with capital letters!


If people listen to shit hip-hop music and get high and die, good; they’re fucking idiots. If somebody kills himself because he played a violent video game with an unstable mental condition, that’s unfortunate, but it’s wrong to blatantly blame the game itself.


This game is not suitable for children intensifies.


Well, yes. That too.


Agreed, but somebody with a fragile mental state shouldn’t be looking to play these kinds of games anyway.


Yes, of course. But instead of blaming the boy’s lack of awareness or his parent’s negligence for the incident, BBC is placing responsibility on the game.

It has always been like this, quite frankly. It’s wrong for me to shoot people in a video game, while the President is bombing civilians in the Middle East perhaps this very second. Policemen shooting black people without cause is completely fine, but I guess I should be socially stigmatized for playing a game featuring graphic violence.


Stopped listening/watching BBC years ago. The “journalism” at the BBC has been awful since I left school (and probably before then), and its only been getting worse in recent times. Its partly because whoever writes or manages these things aren’t doing proper research and so the article/news is ill informed. While the majority of people who watch or read them, don’t tend to question it.


Honestly its people likethis who disgust me.

People who project shit like this on games or media to make themselves feel better or get a stupid fucking story really just ought to shut the fuck up and quit their godamn job, because they sure as hell aint doing it right.

I dont see a “opinion” piece label on that article, but it certaintly deserves to have one. I mean come on, the game literally has “not suitable for children” as soon as you open it up, I mean do your research. Their logic is also completely idiotic. Some schools require high schoolers, considered children, to read stuff such as of mice and men. At the end, a character Shoots his friend. just because it happens in the story, do they think people will then be inclined to do the same? Hell no, of course not.

People like this really just infuriate me.


To be fair, video games are extremely easy targets to blame society’s problems on. So simple even a toddler can do it.


You are correct, but while the news’s job may have turned into finding scapegoats rather than report real shit over the past years, still doesnt mean that people with the brain capacity of toddlers should be writing their articles.

I mean jesus almost anyone, even someone who started with a foreign language, could write a garbage article like that. Its a crucial part of journalism to do your research, and I think not even exploring the game you are persecuting to at least opening it up and reading the first thing it fucking says is really and truly a mentally disabled move.

I feel very strongly on unfair persecution and unjust media that threatens to tear shit down for no reason other than attention.

BBC and many, MANY other news sites are nothing but attention whores.

I feel a little tempted to just email them and tell them to “read the disclaimer” and point out their untrustworthiness in a very polite and professional manner.


That actually sounds like fun.


Think I should?


Why would you not


I will, just after I finish this SAT practice test…


Not sure, probably because I dont think BBC would give the email time of day.

Also, rn Im setting up an old computer to play bookworm adventures. Anyone remember that game? Guarenteed more fun than duelyst. Anyone know a way to run it now?


I’m surprised no one here has mentioned Anita Sarkeesian after talking about unjustly blaming society’s problems on video games.


Who is she? What did she do?