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The Purification Crusade


Crate drop rates have been raised probably, I believe every single Epic crate has almost 100% chance of a Legendary Item, and new skins are common as hell outside of common crates


Interesting… I’ll keep that in mind.


Some weird things that have happened to me…


10/10 would watch again.


Last 24 hours of Steam Sale, I can afford like 1 more game.
My choices are: Transistor, Bastion, Pyre (yes, that trifecta of indie games), Lethal League (for couch play with my friends), and whatever else anyone can suggest in the same price range.

So should I buy Warframe Plat?


Dust: An Elysian Tail
Crazy Taxi (a pickup and play in 5 mins sessions kind of games)
Jet Set Radio
Kingdom: New Lands
One Finger Death Punch (another pickup and play in 5 mins sessions)
Poly Bridge
SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition

I recommend any of those that are roughly the same price as Bastion or lower. Depends what you want for your money. Quality story, a game to waste/fill time, or something to sink hours into and have replayability.


I approve.


Bastion was extremely good…can recommed it
AI war:fleet command is one of my favourite games of all time…assymetrical PVE RTS with extreme customizability,alot deph,ALOT content ,a decent Ai to play against and sessions that go around 10 hours and are loseable at any point.
It can be played coop or singleplayer…the game scales extremely well with playernumber so it can be played either way without one mode feeling inferior to the other(i would argue that it gets slightly harder with more players)
Its a game where you play a guirillia force,everything you take pisses the AI off and causes them to sent larger waves at you.You can not just mindlessly expand…everything you conquer must realy be worth it
The complete edition with all the DLC is on sale for 4,24…i would suggest to consider it.

The only real con is that it can be a bit tough to get into…i suggest this series after the totorial if you deceide to go for this game:

Also has decent music

Ai war 2 is going to release in a few months and it will be likely a bit more refined…but the devs said themselves that at launch AIW2 will only have about 1/4 of the content that AIW1 with all expansions has…so 1 will remain superior until 2 had years of expansions too


As indicated by a full cake…

Happy Birthday, @renedave!


I found another great meme


Just finished reading the last issue of Tokyo Ghoul… I personally dislike it because it’s obviously rushed, but everyone seems alive and happy so I’ll just stay put.


What is this picture meant to convey? What disease does this girl have?


I think she’s the Healthcare Provider


I thought so too, but there are pictures of other people with the same phrase next to them.


So…where did the sale get you?
I couldn,t realy deceide till the end and did all my purchases 10 minutes before it ended (most was already on my list though)


thank you, kind sir ^^


I only bought 2 games.
DMC4 because it’s the one sequel I didn’t get to play on the OG PS2 (and also to contrast my friend who bought Bayonetta)
And Bastion. Because Bastion.


Dooly Battle Royale wen


I bought the Blaz Blue collection but also mostly due to wanting the music that comes with it.
I bought a friend both Undertale and Va-11 Hall-A.


So BBC is calling out Doki Doki Literature Club to be harmful for children, as it allegedly drove this kid to suicide last week or so. It’s 2018, and it seems like video games are still being scapegoated for adults being stupid negligent fucks. And of course, BBC also reported the game for being targeted for children only because it has anime-derived art style. Quality journalism; I applaud.