The Purification Crusade


I correct myself. The deck has a 100% win-rate only if you go first. If you go second, the win-con is still valid, but not 100% anymore.

This is how the deck goes. You go first, and spam every card in your hand. You dump a lot, and you draw a lot. Make sure to dump Makyura at least once in the process.

So once you dumped more than 15 cards in your graveyard, the activation condition for Exchange of the Spirit is now complete. Since Makyura is sent to the graveyard, you can activate it from your hand without having to set it.

As a result, the deck and graveyard of both players are reversed. All the cards in both player’s deck are now dumped, all all cards in both player’s graveyard is shuffled into the deck. As the opponent would have no cards in his/her graveyard, he/she would not have any cards to draw next turn.


Hand Traps destroy it in the make believe format where it existed.


Well, yes. I suppose times have changed.


From watching an overview of every single meta it wasn’t apart of any meta.


Maybe there is a difference between TCG and OCG?


In the early days no but there is now. And this looks to be before 2010.


I found this amazing documentary


You can click the album cover or the title to go to the bandcamp page for each album. Second Round is the primary OST.


I use the OST in my Discord with my friends when chilling and doing Mot endurance runs.

I’m quite partial to Umemoto and Synthestitch.


Umemoto is very good. Dawn Approaches is my favorite though :ok_hand:


This is just great


I feel like I glossed over Dawn Approaches. I’ll give it a listen.



Good Game!


Same! @loliconartist


Hm… Still posting. One day someone will beat you so hard you’ll stop showing up here @isbee. Maybe we can find a way to send you to the shadow realm via duelyst.


Lol…it was a chess game, actually


Japanese commercials make things look so much more fun than it really is. Also laughed quite hard at the snowman one.


And he beat me.


This is yet another glorious video


That is a nice epic crate…