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The Purification Crusade


I don,t think so,…without banlist exodia decks are almost certain to get the FTK


It’s decided by a coinflip and Zoodiacs are the most consistent deck in the game, ShockMaster makes it so your oppenent can’t play the game and handtraps allow you to prevent exodia from getting an FTK with one single effect.


Handtraps?Haven,t touched yugioh for years


P-much Zoodiacs will almost always win going first and have the deckspace to slow your oppenent down so if they go second it’s not a problem.


These 3 cards shit on exodia.



@longshot405 where can I get the ost? This is so good.


An Exchange of the Spirit deck is the most powerful in Yugioh, is it not?


Full Power Pepe is the most powerful YGO deck of all time.


I think Exchange of the Spirit deck has an 100% win-rate.


I never heard of that and I studied ever meta. There was an Igknight deck with 100% ftk rate but it wasn’t meta as it was easily stopped.


This is how the deck looks. There might be better versions, but its win-rate is already close enough to 100%. There was a time when none of these cards were on the list.


There was never a time where they were all at 3.


Really? If so, I believe a version of it was completely legal at a time. I heard it was even quite popular at one point.


Yes, he counts as a 25 mana minion for unlocking the trial. Although if you already have the destiny effect he will only deal damage equal to the amount of mana you spent to summon him. @Alplod tested it and can confirm this is the case.


Call me a grammer nazi, but I notice this a lot in your posts.



It is the case, I confirm :slight_smile:

But AFTER the trial he deals as much dmg as its current cost, so no OTK for you.


Nope, Exodia was never a meta strategy.


Exodia? The deck doesn’t use Exodia…


Then how does it win?


I correct myself. The deck has a 100% win-rate only if you go first. If you go second, the win-con is still valid, but not 100% anymore.

This is how the deck goes. You go first, and spam every card in your hand. You dump a lot, and you draw a lot. Make sure to dump Makyura at least once in the process.

So once you dumped more than 15 cards in your graveyard, the activation condition for Exchange of the Spirit is now complete. Since Makyura is sent to the graveyard, you can activate it from your hand without having to set it.

As a result, the deck and graveyard of both players are reversed. All the cards in both player’s deck are now dumped, all all cards in both player’s graveyard is shuffled into the deck. As the opponent would have no cards in his/her graveyard, he/she would not have any cards to draw next turn.