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The Purification Crusade


I know that? Yes, that was far before I started.


at that time, WD meta was ruled by 3 decks, Mid Shadow with Eachtar leading the ship, Neutral sword with Alice&Co and Aggro blood. Both Aggro blood and Mid shadow got nerfed, Leaving Neutral sword, Neutral rune and Neutral haven to rule with Iron fist


Fan girl boy screams.


I was informed that Neutral Blood was tired at 0, and was the only deck to be done so. So things were not so black and white?


Same. Spawn is best waifu, obviously.


Midrange Shadow is my fav SV deck. Hopefully Daria gets a reprint as well.


First month: Neutral blood unrivaled t0, end of month nerfs hit Spawn, Baphomet, Tove and pre-emptively nerfed Ouroboros and Snow White.


I think that was within the first 2 weeks actually.


Damn, I remember that overstated boi.


nope that was the whole first month, ending with 30th July`s nerf patch, in which i forgot to include Grimnir and Gobu leader nerfs


Does bloodtaura count as 25 mana for ox ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I know that ox usualy doesn,t take discounts into account


“I’m THe WaR CYClOne~!”


Ox only counts 1-7.


the 2nd month was Neutral rune, Neutral sword, Vengeance blood and Midrange shadow, nerfs hit Eachtar, Big Knuckle, Falise and Scarlet. This was probably the most balanced month of WD


Also Earth Rune, that was a big deck then.

Shadow mirrors where so fun.


I still regret my choice of ripping my entire Unlimited collection. I played a deck known as Unlimited Golem works back then
Edit: Did you play NepNep back then?


Nah, I p-much just played Earth Rune, Daria, Neutral Haven and Mid Shadow


While talking about ,good, ccg
If yugioh ever removes its banlist we got the ultimate rock paper scizzors!


By ER you mean Burn? seems to suit you


Yeah, Burn was incredibly fun.

@terrarius Shockmaster Zoo would be the best deck.