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The Purification Crusade


Edit: whrong thread


Also Airship.


I liked WD Neutral meta.


The only Neutral deck I approve of is forest.


“Lands of wonders, land of marvels!”

“Reveal thy sins!”


You missed one voiceline, I dont remember Baphomets voiceline.


Tbh I preffered Phantom Cat blood than Spawn Blood.


Also, Alice was the culprit to Baphos nerf


Spawn was what caused it. Alice was not the cause. Baphomet was broken in general and I prefer its current incarnation.


Bapho Spawn would be unplayable if Alice didnt have her Ultra OP earlygame.
Although spawn was very strong
Edit: and Yes, Phantom cat neutrals are my preffered blood deck


Nope, control and midrange Blood where ludicrously powerful and for some periods in that meta where better than neutral.


Well they could have nerfed just spawn. That Bapho nerf absolutely killed my love for the game back then.


Spawn wasn’t inherently the problem, it was Bapho as that made it happen wayt too early. Spawn killing you on turn 9 is fair all beit not so fun and they did nerf Spawn as well but Bapho was always a problem with printing high cost blood cards.


I’ve only heard of those times. It’s only been a few weeks since I started playing.


Wonderland Dreams caused a massive change in Cygames as when they made the fuck ups that where Spawn, Echtar, Daria, Sibyl, Albert and a lot more (over the past few expas) they decided to not push factions by making single really powerful cards. It peaked with neutral blood regularly ending games on turn 6 with their crazy powerful cards, like Baphomet + Spawn, Bodyguard, Deal 2 Heal 2 Girl and the Neutral package.


Eachtar did nothing wrong!!!


Echtar got rolled back. I wonder if the same will happen to Spawn next expansion.


It shouldnt have happened in the first place.


Maybe? The nerf happened far before I started, so I’m not aware of details.


It happend in WD