The Purification Crusade



Where’s a fucking dislike button when you fucking need one


Indeed, we are in terrible need of a dislike button.


From now on, I will attempt to hide secret messages in my posts more often


So during music we had to create a presentation on a genre of… My group picked death metal… The problem is; I have been listening to exclusively Jazz, Celtic and Ochestras for the past four months…


What kind of… who would pick death metal? :facepalm:


Everyone else in my group are edge lords.


I just domt understand the appeal of someone yellingat the top of their lungs



This is why wikihow is unreliable


I wanna post these images to reddit, you would have no idea what it’s about.


I mean… you don’t have to like metal to do a presentation on it.

You can talk about the evolution of all the subgenera, why it has such a cult following but hasn’t become mainstream, or how elements of it have cross-breed with their genera…

…unless it’s ONLY death metal, and none of the other metal subgenera.

If all else fails, call upon the power of our lord and saviour Ronnie James DIO.


It was only Death Metal.

I’m incredibly sensitive to sound so it wasn’t fun.


Can’t help you there.

If you are feeling particularly mean, point out how Baby metal did one or two death metal pieces just to troll them. Just some sweet revenge.


Ow the edge.

My eyes hurt.

My ears hurt.


Oof owie. 15cha


when i woke up this morning i was not expecting jpop death metal.

why am i completly fine with this


And of course there’s now Babymetal on the meme thread

Yes, I was aware of this band… don’t look at me like that :stuck_out_tongue:

btw real metalheads listen to doom, not death




Indeed :wink:

this post was played in 15 beats per minute