The Purification Crusade

  • 180cm above club
  • 180cm below club
  • Filthy imperial scum

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Finally, my counterpart has returned






@loliconartist Be like.



Didn’t we already discuss this?
Your pay comes in the form of being able to kill whoever I desire, pure blood lust and the sport of death must satisfy you.


Well, you should’ve already known about my trip. It was long and arduous but I made it back so I could fight you again. Anyways, how is your life going? (which is soon to be brief and short after I end it of course.)


Im sure this is satire, but a part of me wonders if someone could actually be like this


This is satire right, right?


For me, its satire. It scares me that someone out there may think like this though



Howdy! Finally back! I’ve been caught up with exams, looking for summer jobs, and romance, so I might not post too much. What have you been up to? How’s the meta shaping up?


I ask the questions around here buddy.
How was your steamy romance? :smirk:

Also I might become a caster. Maybe.
Would you guys want to listen in to me casting tourneys?

  • Yes
  • No

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I stopped playing meta and I’m now a gauntlet player!

How was your time on the farm?


It’s been great. She’s brutally honest, which is very refreshing in the dating scene, and got me to open up a lot. She’s super chill and into the same sort of scifi/fantasy books/movies I’m into. I think I’m an averagely large guy, but she can lift me up and carry me around (I call her “captain”).


I haven’t been there yet. It’s all vectors and statistics until May.

Word round these parts sayin’ you’ve been makin’ a name for yourself as the “malicious wisp man”


So she is a dominatrix?





Guys remember when people actually had to crack the seven sisters lore?
Nostalgia man


I’m not just some sort of bloodthirsty lapdog, bud.