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The Purification Crusade


Video is unlisted so what kind of trap? The gay’nt ones or the music?


The music, of course. What else could it be?





Teach me your ways, senpai.


Guys, can you help me design a card? It’s a 9 mana legendary Golem, and I want it to have the Blood Surge keyword.


Legendary Songhai golem
Bloodsurge:Kill the enemy general


Golem Factory
9 mana 4/10
Blood Surge: Summon a random Golem nearby.

Grimes memes, but worse


9 mana
Costs 1 less for each golem summoned this game.
Blood Surge: Summon a blood shard golem.


I can taste the salt


Im not salty about songhai…or not only.Every metadeck has become an uninteractive mess that consists of stuff you can,t realy play around(race meta) .So you cant blame one deck if all metadecks have almost no counterplay aside,kill him before he plays this!,


9 Mana 15/15
Blood Surge: Summon a copy of Golemoar nearby.


Busted Boss idea

Blade of a forgotten god
8 mana neutral artifact
+4 attack and frenzy
Your general has forcefield and if your general would take damage reduce it by two
ancient tablets speak of a legendary wanderer, who’s name’s true meaning was as much of an enigma as the depths of his power

Cloak of a wayside wanderer
3 mana neutral artifact
Opening gambit: teleport your general two spaces
Your general is invisible
(you dont show up to be targeted, attacked, animations such as wildfire ankh and basic attacks dont show up, opponents counterattack you only in the direction they are facing, etc)
legends speak of a ragged wanderer, who would settle a fight for people of kindness and helplessness, then dissapear with the wind

^best design idea yet imo

Boots of a tireless traveler
1 mana artifact
After your general moves or makes an attack they can choose to teleport two spaces

Loliconartist the wanderer

Starts with the “wanderer” set in play
Backstab 1, gains 1 backstab every time he attacks.
BBs- 1 mana teleport anything, anywhere.
(Refreshes each turn)

Doesnt deck out, doesnt have a deck

the lord of all swordsman, said to be undefeated since the dawn of time

Could you beat this boss???


Run 3 Droplift and yoink the artifacts.

I’m the boss now.


After watching the Smash Ultimate video from E3, I am SUPER hype for the game. I wonder if they’ll have a DLC schedule or not? Either way, I know some of you guys also have switches, we may need to friend up :smiley:


I’m thinking about becoming pro level with Marth for it.


I don’t have a Switch, but the game looks great nonetheless. E3 reveal presentation was horrible though; I wish Nintendo would’ve talked about some other new games instead of drawling about Ultimate for what it seemed like fucking eternity.


They talked about a lot of other games. Rhey just focus heavily on the titles that the majority of people are grasping for information on.


EA once again proof that they are a *** company
Unravel 2 is a small indiegame published by EA…EA forced the devs to release their game during the E3 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, of course, but we really didn’t need an entire lecture on Smash. I’m not saying it doesn’t need attention, but it was honestly almost boring to see Nintendo talk through all 60+ characters and battle maps for 30 entire minutes. I was actually looking forward to titles like Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3, but they didn’t show up at all. And wasn’t there supposed to be a new Yoshi game for Switch? What happened to that?