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The Purification Crusade


when was i mean to you


Clearly you don’t remember posts from a week or so ago!


i actualy don’t hahaha


You said that we couldn’t be friends because I was off while you weren’t.


that was a joke smh


You know what also is a joke? The Squeenix pres conference.


speaking of e3, did you guys see skyrim for amazon echo?

todd howard you did it again


I’m so hyped that I get to play Skyrim on my TI-84 plus silver edition!


Is E3 happening already? What did SqEnix do?
I miss SquareSoft


Todd howard here: I’ve come up wih a new IP. It’s called “The Old Papers: RimSky”

personally I think you’ll all enjoy it

see that large amount of rocky, raised earth? You can travel up it!


What they showed sucked, there just really not a lot of new things.

i don’t know what is going on so I’m just gonna say B R O W N B R I C K S and hope you Have a grand day.


it’s been a long day, without you my gun
and i’ll tell you all about it when I CG again


I’m kinda excited for Fallout 76…seeing how there are a lot of landmarks from my home state and all…we’ll see how they play with the stereotypes.


Plz help and thanks @johnbob78!


idk am I too late to respond? Hahaha.

@phoenixtoasches no, I’m not a ONCE. I have nothing against K-Pop, but I’m also not a fan. My boyfriend on the other hand, @jiroooooo is an avid K-pop fan.

Huhu. I’ve barely been able to play or check the forums since college life has started, but I miss watching how these conversations evolve ; u ;


The games might not be too amazing at E3 but I’m still enjoying watching Detroit Become Human


@epicflygon yes or no: If I asked you “ys or no, are you are a trap”, would your answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question?


Relaxed music with an awesome video


People call me a trap online but I’m not IRL.


I like trap.