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They said that there won’t be any monetization outside of just purchasing the game.

I think I will back this.


timetwisted classics found in an old folder:
things changed, didnt they?


And now both are not applicable because Vet has it all and more.


Alrhough when you think about it the reason boa and sandswirl are op is because they are simply vets best option. The power level of the faction has always been pretty good in most areas, but they almost always lacked decent removal options. They never had any reach. (Rip siphon energy) because boa and sandswirl are actually unconditional they see play in every vet deck. Although aspect of the fox or something similar like onyx bear seal are more individually powerful than boa, being a huge 3-2 mana difference and still being unconditional transform removal, those factions had those options and more. Vet didnt. So while boa and sandswirl are not individually busted or op, the state of their faction basically needs them, so they become “op”


hey man, yup
i live in Laguna though but i go to BGC for work c:


Shit, you all live so far from me.

I call upon the powers of @littlebelsprout and @jiroooooo to help organize the thing!


So E3 announced one of my favorite games (Nier Automata) is getting ported to the Xbone. I really want to point out how hilarious it is that they’re calling it the ‘Become as Gods Edition’, but that would be spoilery.

For those who know or don’t care: They may as well have called it the ‘Kill Yourself Edition’ since the machines that chant “Become as Gods!” are fascinated with death, believing it makes them more human.


Oh, they’re finally porting it over? Cool!

If you chose Xbone over PS4, the title might be accurate


Apparently, Gearbox isn’t taking Borderlands 3 to E3, but rather a new IP called Project 1v1. According to what is revealed so far, the game will be a hybrid of FPS and CCG, or whatever that means. Either way, the prospect of a Gearbox CCG honestly sounds preposterous. I’m still excited, but Borderlands 3 would’ve been better.


Aww sweet! More card games to dip my hand in!

I thought of a way to implement and rpg style battle mechanic into a card game but I don’t know how you could do this.


I have been participarting in draft leagues for awhile now but I have never been able to name my mons mind if you guys help me?

The draft mons and their nicknames if I have any:
(TBD means To Be Determined)
Keldeo = Heresy
Raikou = TBD
Nidoqueen = Yass Queen
Hitmontop = TBD
Spiritomb = TBD
Granbull = TBD
Latias-Mega = Kolos
Haunter = TBD
Marshtomp = TBD
Magearna = 01
Cinccino = No way! It's J!

They went by Smogon tiers so I was able to get a broken draft.


Granbull: Angerbell




This is one of the most brilliant things ive ever seen…especialy the ending is GLORIOUS! (8:43 and upwards)


Best fucking photograph in the world.


BL2 was a good sequel in everything but the guns. Where are my elemental revolvers, or masher revolvers, or slow revolvers, or…


Revolvers=best grenades


you know what i’ll be honest. Seeing newbies propose weird rework threads on the forums actually feels really nice. It shows that we’re actually getting new players that care about the game. Also it’s nice for laughs from time to time.


im done with school nerds


Will you finally be nice to me again?