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The Purification Crusade


I dunno how you fk an apache helicopter…


I wonder if Black Lives Matter is gonna stage another hostile takeover of the Pride Parade.


this is pretty much my thoughts on it summed up


…yeah, I suppose that’s fair…:sweat_smile:

Not what I meant, but…I see what you mean.


Awww… thanks! I love the ephemeral beauty of flowers.


whoops sry i thought you were staying in america. getty has free admission so i figured it might be a nice place for you to visit.


really? it feels like a weak argument considering we’re playing a game called duelyst, and the game is closer to a war skirmish than two people dueling. heck, they’re even called generals instead of duelists :joy:

using dictionary definitions to show that a thing’s name doesn’t make sense seems like a weak argument is what i’m saying xD


I always viewed it as kinda like Magic’s Planeswalker Duels where two or more Planeswalkers continuously fling spells and summoned creatures at each other until someone dies/is near death.


except in duelyst, the lore says nearly everything you summon is just dude with an occupation (like silverknight guard) or a tamed beast(makantor). Duels are -always- only between two people. If you stretch that definition a bit to fit magic, you could only argue that it’s a duel because it’s a fight between two people harnessing the quarter of the planet and it just manifests into fighters and magic bolts. It doesn’t fit duelyst where it’s a general just commanding an army in a micro-war for core orbs(I still can’t believe that’s what they’re literally fight for in the lore lmao).


They’re actually fighting over mana crystals. Duelyst is a competition where the winner gets mana crystals not core orbs.

Tune next week for more Lore.


whuuut i swore i read that they’re fighting for cores somewhere


They are fighting for cores, which happen to be condensed mana crystals that power all magic.


ok so core orbs it is lmao


Pretty much. each orb can be different colors corresponding to the amount of power it holds. As you can guess, raritie colors like epic and legendary cards are the same thing as these orbs. An orange orb is lit. A white orb is depressing.


A white orb is 4 commons and 1 rare.

In other news: I tried out Stormbound, I don’t think I like it.


Temtem looks promising.


Having seen the trailer on kickstarter it looks quite similar to the Pokemon trailer that I’ve seen for the Switch. So it might end up being one of those good ideas, but gets beaten by the established name first and then doesn’t take off because of that.


Well the discord seems to be going fucking crazy so it seems to have taken off.


Star Citizen had the same reaction. But that has gone no where, as it was suppose to launch 3 years ago(?). Perhaps, I should be saying is that Kickstarter games should be viewed with caution. The more high profile the game gets, the more likely it is to go no where or backfire on the backers, because some developers fail to develop what they promised despite getting more money then they originally wanted.


Yeah, I wait with baited breath hoping for devs to make this a quality game and not just a cash cow.

I’m really excited to play this competitively but I will get impatient if there are multiple delays and if they turn this into a way to turn this into a cash cow.