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Dude, a regional is the pokemon equivalent to a YCS, that is major LOL.


oh i did top 8 at nats as well but thats beside the point


Fixed it.

Milky Way > Virgo Cluster > Solar system with the star called “the sun” > Planet Earth > Europe > Ireland > Munster > County Cork > Classified > Classified > Classified.



This is all going on reddit.


oh i see how it is


The Milky Way is in the Supercluster!


pant Anything else? pant




The Local Group? It’s a collection of Galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster containing the Milky Way. Fun fact: in 1 billion to 1 trillion years from now, all 50 or so galaxies in the Local Group will collide and form a single galaxy.


Also, scientists found that the Virgo Supercluster is located in a place relatively dense with other superclusters, and named that group of superclusters as the Laniakea Supercluster.


Does anyone know board CCG that are fun?
-Duelyst isn,t skillbased enough to me anymore…its just a race of who gets his wincon out first,small trades nolonger matter much with the long game beeing basicly non existant
-Faeria has too heavy rock paper scizzor

I actually don,t know about reasonable populated alternatives(duelyst seems to have the most healthy population) …what do you suggest?Whats important to me is that its rather slow…that there are no outofnowhere wincons but that insted its alot more like chess where you need to slowly overtake the board


idk where you’re getting rock paper scissor from faeria but ok

i’ve heard stormbound is good, still need to try it


I stopped playing Eternal for reasons that god doesn’t even know so if you pick up Stormbound I will try it out as well.

I legitimately don’t know why I stopped playing Eternal.


alright once i finish this gauntlet run ill go download it


The idea of a Duelyst meetup sounds super awesome. Shame I’m here with no time, money or freedom to do so. #AmericanDream


I enjoy stormbound as a mobile duelyst, even though its collection is somewhat small and the game is underdeveloped so far.

Sadly I still need to make an account, I just played on my friends’s

As to duelyst meetups, id love to but it seems we all live in different places


that’s the one with lanes right?


does that mean it won’t happen…

<<insert that joke again >>

there’s always parks and museums my dude. Going to the getty museum is one of the best vacation decisions I’ve made. (i mean the parking fee was expensive, but still)




15maybe it’s so we have at least 5 second delays between shitposts