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The Purification Crusade


Shit. I know how to commute around Makati. Anything else? Not so much.

Hang on, I’ll ask a friend.


thanks, i’ve never been to makati. i can always use Grab, but my wallet will be empty before i even get there lol.


Ok, I’ve asked a friend.
He says take a bus to Guadalupe, then take a Jeep from there to the city hall.

My house is actually along that jeep route so I can just meet you at city hall and we can take a trike to the place itself.

Or we could set it somewhere else so it’s easier for you.

Also what about the other guy (who for now I’m assuming is @renedave)?


Will you be interested if I rework it and bring it back?



maybe let’s find a 3rd and 4th guy first so we can accomodate them too. I mean, we do need 1-2 more people so we won’t be stuck with the 2-player variant of them board games


I can drag along a couple people that used to play Dooly but gave up because they’re retarded and think HearthBone is superior



you have to admit, the single player campaigns are fun. can’t say much about the online play tho since i’ve never tried.


Yes please! I came late for that topic, but the concept was actually very cool, as I started reading I started fantasising on some Strogg/Borg-like faction with the will of assimilating other factions. Also If it couldn’t make it as 7th faction, it could still be some kind of boss faction, like “visitors antagonists”.


Where does everyone live :thonk: sounds like evrything is foreign oof


in like 4 years yall should come meet me in america


Milky Way > Solar system with the star called “the sun” > Planet Earth > Europe > Ireland > County Cork > Classified > Classified > Classified.




Imma meet you at worlds!

After you start coaching me.


You forgot the Virgo Supercluster.


Worlds for what?


Shit, I forgot that existed.


Pokemon VGC format.


implying im actually good at pokemon


Maybe not Pokemon but clearly vgc.


ehh i was ok. i won a regional but that’s mostly it