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The Purification Crusade


How did I do what?

I would to but I wouldn’t be able to go to as I live on the opposite side of the pond.

Bottom text


i don’t even know where any of you live. I think 2 of you are fil like be but i forgot who


It’s a combination of Korea, USA and other.


russia! i remember alpod is russian yes?
and galaxy is american


I can give you a hint…


Wha’bout meh? C’mon man


australian probably


I think Phayze is canadian


Thank you for remembering, eh


flygon is in gmt + time I believe

I know where he lives this is just a hint


You sound like a creep!


does that mean he’s asian


I’m one, and I believe @renedave is the other. Pls confirm

Where would we even hold a Dooly hangout and what would we even do?


depends on what you guys wanna do lol.
food trip and arcade (pretty much hitting the mall lol) is the usual thing i do for hangouts.

alternatively, i think it’d be fun to hit a board game cafe. we get to eat food and play some board games(i mean, it’s not much a stretch that you guys appreciate board games since you play dooly and all right?). And if board games get a bit too exhausting, there’s always jenga.


Ooh, I love relatively close to Jupiter street. There’s a Ludo board game cafe along there.


If we ever did a meetup in Ireland I would recommend this board game cafe https://www.facebook.com/tabletopcork/.


ooooh so that’s why you were making us vote for ireland in eurovision.


They where also generally quite good.


I wish I could travel. Would visit Ireland for sure


everyone was. if i hadn’t been spoiled i wouldn’t have known who was going to win.

@saltystabwound that’s makati right? you wouldn’t happen to know how to commute there from tandang sora would you?