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:thonk: :thonk:



cool i wanna try it


Oh yeah. I kinda noticed that too.

Epicflygon asmr when


Why do you ask for my asmr?

I lowkey have the voice for it though.


I dunno.
Just felt like asmr kappa


Watch @longshot405’s streams. Very relaxing high quality content.


He’s cool.


It’s been on my mind a lot that I needed to do another. Time has not been available however. But I promise you all I’ll do it again someday.

Also, apologies for anyone that was around that time I whispered too loudly into the mic. I watched it later and cringed super hard.


That “Does this make you tingley?” did the opposite to me.


Day 101: I have not yet been able to banish the chittering llamas hiding within the box of apples, sleep since that day on March 27 has eluded me. When will a saviour come by to grant me salvation from this sleepless hell? I pray to the God Longshot405, I pray for his calming presence to grant me redemption, until then I must suffer the llamas, and their infernal box of apples.

Perhaps soon I will have a bite?


I like llamas.


With hats?




so today is national best friend day

guess what i’ve been doing with my best friend?

waiting for him to respond to my text about if the party i was supposed to is still going on



What did i do today?I watched the history of a genocidal llama and his best friend

Damm…im becoming so productive


You have (a) friend(s)?! That’s a lot more than I have.



This sounds like you have a social life, so you’re doing pretty good.


Going outside is lame.


how’d ya do that?

also do you think it might be fun to set up some duelyst meetups or smth?