The Purification Crusade


Begone! Get away from here, discord is your home now!

Love you Fusion, no homo maybe.


Oh, funny you’d ask.
So I met this greek dude named Hades, he had this cute pupper named Cerberus, got to know the guy. I didn’t eat anything there because of the whole curse thing, but after talking with him for a while, he’s actually pretty nice. Just misunderstood by society because of the whole greek god of death thing. Anyway, after that he showed me a couple torture chambers, a dude thats pushing a boulder up a hill that never ends, someone who is surrounded by delicious food but is doomed to never eat it, a very jolly place really. Oh and then I got to sail the river Styx, and this dude named Charon kept bugging me about how I’m not supposed to. The River was surprisingly hot, but nothing I can’t handle. Anyway I finally got out after saying goodbye to the god of the dead, after thanking him for not killing me, I petted the big three-headed pupperino cerberus.

Oh, and I came out with a newfound League of Legends addiction.


Discord is fun, but I missed the meme thread.

Also, you can’t blur text on discord.


Fixed it for ya…


Strike-through is enough for me.


This implies you can hide bodies on the forums.

Shh, don’t say anything about this one, we don’t want to reveal our secrets now do we?


Wait, is this the same fusion from discord? The devilman crybaby one? The one with Aku as his profile pic.


Yes, these are the same Jusions.

For some reason I always called him that in my head.


Yes, if you have been on the forums long enough, you would also know that I was a frequenter of the forums during the ages of the first meme thread, and I was there for about a quarter of the second one.


Interesting, so you can play with big boys then?


Size doesn’t matter, it’s how the boi uses it.

But to answer your question, yes, I play with all of the big bois.


What you say??? I’m not insecure about it or anything, what?! Nothing…that’s right.


I’m still a smol boy, I only play with some of the big bois.

I’m like 5’6 irl.


I wonder how many people here are 6 feet and above?

  • 6+ ft club
  • Shorty riding side 4 lyfe

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I’m like 5’11, so I’m not even that short… it’s ok though… I didn’t want to be…6 feet anyway… eh who am I kidding.


I dont use inches and feet, metric system only



All better now


Im 180 when 6ft is 182. Does that count


If Disneyland won’t let me ride the Mickey Mouse Funhouse ride because I’m too tall or in their words “sir, you are a grown adult, please evacuate the premises”, then 180 is not 6 ft.


Holy shit you’re alive.

-guess that means I’m not getting paid anytime soon-