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The Purification Crusade


i really like the art style, ill have to try that


it’s not “your standard JRPG”, it’s got great music, unique gameplay, and a really neat story. it’s not about “whoever has the magic powers and the biggest swords will save the world” but it’s actually about war and politics. the characters are unique and well written, and it’s just a generally amazing experience


I mean by “Has an 800 hour long story” kind of JRPG.


uhhh no

it’s not an 800 hour long game unless you make it that way

you can grind forever and make an OP team, or you can try to scrape through with the weakest team possible

for example, i made a team of only monsters (have very limited abilities and potential), and ramza was a duel wielding gunslinger dragoon that could jump and shoot from above and ended up beating the game

while in another playthrough, i also made a team where ramza was a ninja and i made the rest of my team mages, so i would get all the swords and have ramza throw them while my other mages buffed him


I actually don’t mind grinding, it’s one of the most enjoyable things about RPGs is if the game progresses at too slow of a pace, it’s the reason why I barely played much Xenoblade X.


the game doesn’t progress slowly at all imo
you progress as fast as you want to

IE: my master dragoon ramza was in the first/second chapter for about a week and then i wrecked everything with just him


this makes it amazing


I liked the first ni no kuni

Only downside is it holds hands a bit much, but it is not the easiest game either
Made in collab with ghibli, so the art and music is superb. Also it is an action jrpg, so it has more skill than turn based systems in actual encounters imo. It combines the grind and loadout planning with crafting and real time combat

But godamn the primordial sword grind
trolls tears collection flashbacks :sweat:


It has been put on the list but currently it doesn’t have as high as priority as BW2, FRLG and Every Touhou game ever.


Tactics Ogre is very similar

It’s very good


Have you heard of the mount and blade series? It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it is a great new take on strategy games, and is probably the most unique RPG I’ve played.

Essentially it’s an open world medieval battle simultor with some diplomacy/politics thrown in.

Just watch out for sky faces.


@loliconartist, really want to play NNK but the first one is not on a console I own, worry that the story will be confusing otherwise.

@galaxydueler, I would suggedt a game called Divinity I and/or II.


sounds very interesting, ill definitely look into it
edit: looks VERY cool, thanks
@isbee i’ve heard of ogre, i dont think its for PC
@phoenixtoasches looks good as well, thanks


Okay, but have you tried playing Cory in the House?


i thought thats an anime :thonk:


You underestimate Cory while he is in the House.


IGN describes it as:

an adventure stealth video game




10/10 better than metal gear solid

(this game actually has better reviews than a lot of games)


oh hey the game’s out?


alright who’s the motherfucker i have to yeet


Officialy…because im a MASSIVE monsterhunterfan i couldn,t wait and joined the closed alpha