The Purification Crusade



You know what is great? Having a towel to dry yourself with after swimming. You know what makes me just go reeeeee? Having… To dry… Myself… With a… T-shirt.



Welp people voted, I made a Nose deck and havent lost a single game yet(out of 3)


Didn’t plan for that, but you’re spot on (σ≧▽≦)σ
Basically spawned sarlacs with the hallowed grounds, keepers and zurael


I actually know a girl a few years back. She got confessed to by another middle aged guy who said the same exact thing.


So yall, should I try my hand at streaming sometime?

gotta get my own card in the game as soon a I can



And @longshot405 should stream more often.


I keep thinking about it. I promise I will again.


I have dreams sometimes of flashing out a lantern fox, what a glorious dream it was.


When Rift mode comes back that won’t be a dream.


Where do you guys make custom cards? I use Bagoum, but it’s inconvenient that I can’t adjust type size.


We use bagoum…


If you can’t fit the text, its way too wordy


Not really. This is how NoSE looks like if I load it with the creator:


You may see that CPG makes font smaller when the text is too long. Creator can’t do that.


I know, and it’s sad. :tired_face:


hey everyone, how do I use a voice emulator to change my voice for twitch, and shut out background noise from others?


I finally killed somebody with Fatigue damage today :tada::tada::tada:
It felt even better since my opponent was playing Faie.


So, uh, long time no see. How’s the third fixed post for duelyst may-mays going?


Oh, hey there…

How was your journey to the underworld?