The Purification Crusade


If it doesn’t use War Surge imma riot.


it doesnt. The winrate is 10%


Rioting intensifies.


also how did this happen


When you learn that violet chan is

Not legal :smirk:


W H A T K I N D O F L O O N E Y T O O N A R E Y O U ? ? ? ?


Is this a guessing game now?

Almost guaranteed summoned 1 Sarlac normally and used BBS on a Sarlac.
I doubt you used a Zen’Rui to steal an opponent’s Sarlac in a Vet deck. Chance are you will win the lottery first than that.

2nd Sarlac could be summoned normally or revived by other means (revive tile spell, Keeper or Zureal).

The middle heal tiles is a sign of at least 1 Aperion being used. Too much heal tiles and too square.
The rest of the heal tiles are even harder to predict. It could be the result of a combination of 5 Fortified Assault or Sanctify. Or it could be an Aperion at the left and another at the right.
You have 9 cards less than your opponent. You probably played 3 Trinity Oaths.

In short, hard to guess.
Sarlacs are eternal and are now getting reborn in other factions :grin:.



Shut up, She’s only 4 years younger for me!


I learn she illegal


In the words of a true pedo:

“I can wait four years.”


If her age is on the clock, she’s ready for the… yeah no.


Don’t kill her! And where is that Glock? I need to bring it into the authorities.


Oh preserve your fragile innocence before @loliconartist takes it from you


He talks to me funny.