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I was thinking about this and it occurred to me that ‘Jesus take the shaft’ is way more appropriate for piloting an aircraft and much more hilarious.




Are you sure? Try “yoke” or “stick” (depending on the aircraft).


Innuendos never get old


I am currently having fun with Blazblue : central fiction
It is hard to describe but somehow it just “feels” good to move around, press buttons and do combos .
So much so that i actually have fun going into training mode to find and practise set ups and combos.

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i do not know if it is a coincidence but…

These skins look like something you could find in duelyst.


nothing a bit of artist stalking can’t confirm xD

welp, doesn’t seem like the artist used to work for dooly. hella beautiful art tho

ps; dang tho i’ve always wanted a battle network-like.

The game seems decent to me yet has very little marketing or word of mouth for which reason i wanted people here to take notice of it


Wake me up when you can actually play the thing.

Some days, you just can’t get rid of a… Wanderer?

Honestly, I can’t agree. Sure, they’re nice pixel sprites, but the art direction (or should I say base design) feels wholly different in my mind.

I feel they have a bit less depth or are a bit more simplistic and easier on the eyes, compared to the condensed detail that Duelyst sprites represent. Or to put it another way, Duelyst sprites are busier.

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two questions:

  1. if you summon from deck, it’s always a built minion yeah?
  2. if you lower the cost of a minion, say obelysk, if you replace it and draw it again, it’s still lowered yeah?
  1. Yeah.
  2. Yeah.

ok thanks! time to build a meme

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nope wait, gotta grind first

Dear Google,
I hate you

When did Ken dolls start having a six-pack?

If you’re an anime fan, this might amuse you.

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