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The Purification Crusade

I am active, Hsuku too.

I also post daily vids to my YT channel. Soon with way better quality because I got a new PC :slight_smile: (but have still video uploads lined up)


I love this, but how do you even tranform with magmar?
egg morph and damp wave would help, but how do you close in?
edit: are you thinking stuns?


This is where I’m at, still experimenting around.

Support for Scarzig is quite position-dependant, but I put a couple of Repulsors to help.
The rest comes from Dampening Wave and Greater Fortitude.

And Your Excellent Genius Touch, Maw of course! :love_you_gesture:

If there are any lizards in the audience, please send advice. Scarzig & Progenitor. New 2019 META. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Neat! Why Skyrock tho? :open_mouth: Even as a 1-mana 3/2 it’s still bad.


I’m a toon! That’s why.
Also golem synergy, what would you put instead?


Young Silithar of course. Only few Magmar decks can ignore that one :slight_smile:

I like the deck but wouldn’t it be maybe better with Ragnora because buffing Rippers?

So Young Silithars instead of Skyrock Golems for sure and maybe Ragnora and 2 Egg Morphs instead of the Finality and Lifeforce.

Egg Morph acts as combo enabler for secondary win con and as enabler for Scarzig too.


You might be right. It seems so far that the deck is fast enough that I don’t need the burst from the high end finishers, and Egg Morph is also an answer to Wanderer.

That 2-drop spot could be Young Silithar, Cryptographer or Healing Mystic.

True about the General change too, but I hadn’t played Vaath in a while so I wanted to give him a go. Magmar only gets to choose between good options it seems.


If you change to Ragnora, Crypto would be a good alternative too, you are absolutely right about that.

I prefer Young Silithar over Mystic. If Crypto or Silithar is a question of personal taste I’d say.


Magmar does sound weird for Scarzig. They have little mobility :magsad:.

You could do some hatching ideas though they cost a lot.
Induction or Progenitor to get Scarzig eggs then something to hatch.

Rock Pulverizer can be a nice cheap provoke to keep enemies still and also protect Progenitor eggs.

Komodo Hunter making some targets might work with a bit of luck.


Oh I haven’t even thought of that! But by the time you have the mana to do it though, Scarzig is probably unplayable and irrelevant. :smiley:
Here I’m just placing the little guy defensively hoping that he will last a turn, if I can I buff it with Greater Fortitude to increase his chances.

…And if Scarzig dies, then I still have plan B: be Magmar.


I know, but you weren’t on that list Isbee linked to. :slight_smile:

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Hmmm… If you make a Scarzig egg, then trigger the transformation,
does the egg hatch into the original version or the transformed one?

Suddenly I’m thinking Lyonar with Dauntless Advance, Magnetize, and Mirrorim+Lifestream.
I suppose everyone’s already done Abyssian with Blood Siren, etc?

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Thanks to community member StephanieDawnheart, I have become aware of Mythgard, a digital CCG scheduled to go into open beta on September 19. It’s generally more inspired by Magic than anything else (unlike Magic, it also has a board element, attacks are individual, creature damage is persistent, and there are no opponent’s-turn actions). Some things that might make it interesting:

  • The mana system is essentially the Magic system, except there are no land cards - each card can be used once per game as a land by shuffling it back into your deck (limit 1 per turn). (For those not familiar with Magic, this means that you’ll add 1 to your max mana in that card’s color, and cards will have costs like “4 mana, 2 of which must be blue.”) This generally solves the land screw/flood issue while requiring players to make hand-management decisions.
  • In addition to a deck, you choose 1/5 passive abilities and 1/6 BBS equivalents.
  • As with Magic, there is no faction restriction for deck-building (cards use different mana colors instead).
  • Card-copy limit is rarity-dependent - 4x Common, 3x Uncommon, etc.
  • The board consists of 7 lanes that can hold 1 card on each player’s side. Cards can hit the opposing lane or an adjacent lane, but can only hit face if there are no minions they can hit. Cards can either attack or move 1 lane over each turn. Permanent effects can be put into effect on a lane (equivalent to faction tiles).
  • 2v2 constructed is among the play modes.
  • There are rotating “Featured Decks” created by community members
    which can be played even by players who don’t own the included cards
    (there are no penalties to earning rewards while using such a deck).

Its also on mobile which is cool. My only concern is the monetization system, how hard or easy it is to get cards and decks that are competitive. How generous is the game towards F2P players, the dust system? If it’s anything like Hearthstone then I’ll have to say no thanks.

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(Yeah, I probably should’ve mentioned mobile. :slight_smile:)

I watched a video about that question and came away thinking
it looked pretty good (1.something packs per day, IIRC).

The highest rarity is quite expensive to craft, but as they’re
limited to 1-ofs, I don’t know just how necessary they’ll be.

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Neat! I could use another obsession…:rofl:

I’ve been playing the game randomex recommended for a few days (mythgard) and it is great. It’s not exactly board based like Dooly, but it’s very fun and I also recommend it, it is currently in open beta so get going! There are no veterans yet (outside of the alpha testers) or people with a full collection making it feel a lot more fair to play the game.

Reward system is good, not as good as doolys but still sufficient and you can even earn most things (dailies) through playing the ai. There are multiple modes like 2v2, ranked play, casual play, gauntlet against the ai, gauntlet against real people, story and puzzle.


Just downloaded the mobile version!
I’m going to give it a shot this weekend.


Make sure to join the discord, since its still in beta, there are a lot of confusing things and many bugs and the devs on discord as well as other players can help out. And my IGN is toasches if you want to friend me in game


I’m trying out Mythgard, haven’t had much time but it seems nice

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