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I wish to share this

This is also my only online video where i speak
While Disgaea 5 is one of the most grindy RPG out there it is also very hard to rival in terms of options at your disposal. In this fight a decent strategy allowed characters with 10 million base stats to beat a boss who has 99million stats

*i screwed up in this fight towards the end-i did not know that killing your own characters resets combos,causing my attacks to deal alot less damage than than expected.As a result of this mistake it ended up much closer than expected



My opinion is that Ex. Sand is the real problem, so to me it’s fine to play Kha. Especially in something different, like Flying or Reliquarian.



Is there a james goodman here?



Thanks for the commentary, otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue what was going on

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The last OTK birb deck I saw was based on Skywing + Mirrorrim, so you could drop your entire deck by 6 mana, but I don’t remember how exactly OTK was achieved.

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additional 3 skywings (9) + 15 from paradise is usually enough.
but iirc in the duelyst central version, you follow up with 3 khas (since you can summon all 3 of them by then), and then follow that up with corpse combustion(if they aren’t dead yet).
i mean, that’s the idea, but in my version and vs silver ladder, they concede before 3kha’s come out

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As far as I remember, the turn you cast Azure Summoning and dropped down your deck was the winning turn, there was no window for opponent to potentially clear. But I don’t remember how it was achieved, maybe it involved Nosh-Rak.

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ah, nah, that’s standard birbs deck(0 mana azure) and birbs deck 2(mirrorim). skywing effect stacks, so you can summon your entire deck once you’ve got all 3 of them down.
That’s 15(Wings of Paradise) + 9 (skywing) + 6 (lark).

1-off Noshrak is part of the extended combo though.

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i think i have my answer now. i made two half travesties and now it’s a full travesty

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That is some math right there… :rofl:



lethal math is the only important math

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Spike vs Timmy

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Happy Birthday, @overcharge!

…I doubt you’ll see this.

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Assassin’s Creed Unity is currently free in the unity store



…why did i install uplay for the ACU giveaway orz



Welp, that thread escalated quickly



sorry. kinda feel bad i stooped down to his level there…

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I don’t think you can stoop that low without smashing your face into the ground…

So…you’re fine. :wink:

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A bit late, but I have a copy of that decklist if you still need it.