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The Purification Crusade


That works for me too, I can prove myself not being power-hungry just fine.


Now now, let’s not point fingers and blame @phayze for anything they haven’t done…

yet :eyes:

I’m just saying we’re not going to have the multi name-changing game from the second thread is all :mysticup:


And the story begins once again. When will we ever learn not to pry open the maw of the abyss. I say this only for fear of what might escape, may you gentlemen who do so live with this burden:



can you explain why



Why not? It’s a nice game. We should be able to choose name “soon”.


Title suggestions:

The Cacophony of Fools

The Cavalcade of Drivel

The Bizarre Bazaar

I Do Not Think That Memes What You Think It Memes

Middle School Social Dance (totally NOT AWKWARD AT ALL)

Would You Like Memes With That?

Sealed for Freshness (and Your Safety)

The Laughing Stocks

Leave Your Dignity at the Door (Valet Parking is Extra)


:weary::ok_hand: how to completely confuse any new players day 1 into dooly forums


I vote Middle School Social Dance.


I wonder how many people get scared off by the forum regulars everyday


the meme thread is dead

long live the meme thread


i suggest christian high school social dance (no hugging or hand holding, leave room for the holy spirit)


I guess this is our new home now, I’ll go unpack my things memes.


I’ll just leave this little ol’ thing here…
Nice and innocent…


I actually really like this title. I’d tell you to keep it, but that’s no longer my area of jurisdiction.


Fooly Dooly?


@longshot405 You are the one who’s ass I just whipped right? or was it another longshot


Must’ve been an imposter, I’ve been outta town all day.

Scary to think there might be someone impersonating me! j/k, I doubt they are. ‘Longshot’ isn’t actually uncommon.


Well…I tried to stream. I ran a few tests with a couple different programs…no dice. :pensive:

My computer is just too old. I was able to complete the twitch connections properly, but the video was terribly lagged. My computer locked up.


traps are not gay, except when they are


About the name change:

Isgo was known to shitpost on discord so it was easy to know if he was trustworthy or not, the power to put us all on tilt did not get to him.

While Phayze is known to be a responsible member of the community.