The Purification Crusade


This is the 3rd iteration of the fun lounge we refer to as the meme thread. Once we decide on a name, I’ll change it.

New player looking to learn how to abyssian
Sup everyone new to the forums not new to the game!
This thread's title has finally been decided on
Introducing Duelyst: Battle Royale

Once the other one expires from natural causes or gets murdered…sure. :wink: I can deal with it.

The thread that is born out of chaos is usually the strongest.

Note to self:

(Insert commemorative collage to honor second meme thread here…once it dies)


hence why I made it :smiley:


Means I can keep this one out of “Muted” status for a couple of days :wink:


Any dank name suggestions?


Oh la la, a new meme thread


Support your locally grown meme market…


A new fertile land to corrupt.


why are we starting a new thread when the other one’s not dead yet?


It’s in the title.


I will post my meme once this thread becomes official.


I feel that this image perfectly depicts the nature of @loliconartist


Hey guys should I get this playmat?


Get this instead, FOC:


Hmmmmmm…I think I will repost this oldie but goodie here:



Ouch i dont get it xd


Just the vibe of the the whole scene fits your presence perfectly. Don’t take this as a diss pls :v:


So uhh… I had an appointment for the psychiatrist today but turns out that my psychiatrist was out sick so the appointment was re-scheduled. :confused:


Xd but you are the sick one