The "One time promotion" 10 orbs for the price of 7 purchase


So, me and like many others have experienced this issue where by the “one time promotion” offer of purchasing 10orbs for the price of 7 disappears entirely upon clicking. Although no purchase was made but the option would’ve just disappear entirely.

Now CP has been very responsive on helping me out on this and told me that I will receive 3 extra orbs in compensation by purchasing the regular orbs, making it the " one time promotion" deal.

However, I am curious about this. I made the purchase on the day I double checked with them is the promotion still available. They require my ign or steam transaction id or my email. I sent them all 3 and waited. At this moment it is the 3rd or 4th day. They did replied my response with lightning speed when I inquire about the issue. But they have yet to send me the orbs and responded to my email that I’ve sent yesterday in regards to the 3 extra orbs.

I am still waiting at the moment and have yet to receive any response after they answered my inquiry. I would just love to know that did any of you guys that had the same issue with me received your 3 compensation orbs relatively quickly, or did you had to wait for quite awhile?


Hmm I missed out on the 10 orbs promotion too… probably too late to get support in… I didn’t think of that.


It is not, I just checked with customer support a few days ago like, October 17th and they said it is still going on.


Thanks, I’ll try then!

You know what, I am not going to bother. Good luck for you.


Sure, do let me know if they did send you the 3 orbs, as of now, I am still left hanging with no replies.